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Cassava starch manufacturing process

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Cassava starch manufacturing process
The processing process of cassava starch includes cylinder screen, washer, sectionalizer, crusher, pulverizer, centrifugal screen, fine residue screen, desander, cyclone group, starch dehydrator, air flow dryer, vibrating screen and packaging machine.
Processing process of Cassava starch making machine:
Cassava starch manufacturing process
1. Cleaning:
First, remove the large impurities on the cassava raw material, such as small rocks and weeds, through the cylinder screen; then, wash the sediment and other impurities on the surface of the cassava raw material with the pulp washer.
2. Pulping:
The sectioning machine will cut the washed cassava into blocks, then put it into the crusher for crushing, and then enter the crushing machine to further crush the broken cassava.
3. Miscellaneous removal:
The crushed cassava powder is the liquid pulp that enters the centrifugal screen to separate the starch and fiber. Then the coarse fiber is removed through the fine residue screen, leaving the rough cassava starch pulp.
4. Desanding:
The fine sand grains in the rough cassava starch pulp are removed by a desander.
5. Cyclone:
The coarse cassava starch slurry enters the hydrocyclone to separate the protein and cell liquid, and the hydrocyclone is used to remove the protein and cell liquid from the starch emulsion, so that the clean cassava starch emulsion can be obtained.
6. Dehydration and drying:
The starch emulsion is dehydrated into wet starch with water content of about 30% by a starch dehydrator, and then dried in a starch dryer to obtain dry cassava starch.
7. Screening package:
The vibrating screen will screen the dried starch, and then deliver the cassava starch to the packaging machine for packaging

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