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Cassava washing machine and cassava peeling machine

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Cassava washing machine and cassava peeling machine
Cassava belongs to root tuber crops. Whether it is primary processing or deep processing, tubers need to be cleaned. The cleaning equipment for tubers varies with the direction of root cleaning. designs and manufactures three different potato cleaning machines according to different potato materials.
Cassava washing machine and cassava peeling machine
Dry cleaning: roller screen
Drum screen is one of the potato dry cleaning machines, which can effectively remove dirt, sand, small stones, weeds and other impurities attached to sweet potato, potato, cassava and other materials.
Blade washer or squirrel cage washer
The main shaft of the blade washer is equipped with multiple mixing blades, which is suitable for cleaning long tubers. The counter current washing principle is adopted. The pulp leaves rotate continuously, while the water and material move in the opposite direction. On the one hand, the friction between the blade and the material can remove the sediment attached to the surface of the material; on the other hand, the material can be transported from the inlet to the outlet for discharge, and then enter the next section. In addition, lighter organic substances will float on the water surface and flow away with the water flow, while heavier inorganic substances will settle in the collecting tank at the bottom of the washer and be cleaned regularly.
The squirrel cage cleaning machine mainly includes: screw propulsion, turbine speed regulation, rotary water spraying, and can also wash and transport potatoes. It can be used for cleaning sweet potatoes, potatoes and other bulk materials. The raw materials enter the drum, which is rolled and cleaned under the action of the drum and high-pressure spray water. The inner wall of the drum is equipped with a hollow spiral structure, which facilitates the uniform forward transportation of potato materials. The water can also be recycled. After the potato materials are cleaned by high-pressure spray water, they will enter the atomization spray stage for further cleaning.

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