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Technological process of potato starch

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Technological process of potato starch
The process of potato starch making machine equipment only takes about 20 minutes, from potato to potato starch. The potato starch process flow is probably cleaning, crushing, slurry residue separation, refining starch slurry, dehydrator, dryer, etc
Technological process of potato starch
1. Potato cleaning: During the processing of potato starch, the potato raw materials should be cleaned to remove mud, sand and other impurities.
2. Potato crushing: crush the cleaned potatoes to obtain the crushed potato chips.
3. Pulp residue separation: After the potato is crushed, the starch slurry and fiber of the potato are separated, and the coarse starch slurry is obtained after the potato fiber is filtered.
4. Refined starch slurry: after obtaining coarse starch slurry, the protein and cell fluid in the starch emulsion are removed through a cyclone to concentrate and fine wash the starch emulsion.
5. Starch dehydrator: potato starch slurry shall pass through the starch dehydrator first. The starch slurry is dehydrated to wet starch with water content of about 38%.
6. Dryer: the wet starch with a moisture content of 38% is transported to the starch dryer through the conveyor, and the dry starch is obtained through the starch dryer before starch packaging.
The whole potato starch processing process is divided into six steps, and each step has different machines for different division of labor.

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