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Four explanations on the selection of cassava starch machines and cassava flour processing machines

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Four explanations on the selection of cassava starch machine and cassava flour processing machine
Agricultural Products Machine explains how to select cassava starch processing machines
Selecting the right cassava starch machine process
At present, cassava starch machines are mainly divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic processing processes. Different machine processes have different production efficiency. The fully automatic cassava starch machine adopts the rotational flow starch processing technology, which is highly automated, stable in the production process, and guaranteed in the quality and output of finished starch. The early investment cost of the automatic cassava starch machine is relatively large, but the later economic return is also relatively large; On the contrary, cassava starch machine with semi-automatic process has low initial investment cost, but requires more manual participation in operation. Kaifeng Sida suggests that you choose the process and configure the appropriate cassava starch machine according to your own demand for finished products and cost budget.
Cassava starch machine security needs to be in place
For large starch processing machinery, it is necessary to have safety assurance, personnel protection design and emergency braking device to ensure the safety of cassava starch machine operators, avoid accidents in the production process, and cause unnecessary economic losses.
suggests you pay attention to the convenience of cassava starch machine maintenance
A cassava starch machine is often hundreds of thousands to millions. In the production process, once some failures occur, it will bring about considerable losses. Therefore, when you select the cassava starch machine, you should pay attention to the structure of the machine, and whether the motors, accessories, and electromechanical machines are easy to disassemble and assemble for maintenance.
When selecting cassava starch machines, attention should be paid to matching the production capacity
Different starch production enterprises have different plans for cassava starch annual output. Do not blindly pursue the machines with high output and high configuration, and pay attention to that the throughput capacity of cassava starch machines should be compatible with the supply of potato raw materials. In this way, once the raw materials are insufficient or excessive, the cassava starch machine will not have a long standby time, or the processing burden will be too heavy. The standby time will be too long, which will lead to waste of machine use, and excessive processing burden will easily cause damage to the machine, causing certain losses. Kaifeng Sida suggests that you select the machine according to the amount of potatoes you need to process.

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