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Starch quality problems in cassava starch processing machine

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Starch quality problems in cassava starch processing machine
Cassava is mainly produced in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. In the starch market, cassava starch also has a certain proportion in the starch market. If there is a certain market demand, there are semi-automatic processing technology and full-automatic processing technology in the production of cassava starch. Kaifeng Sida agricultural products equipment will explain to you
1. Filtering problem of cassava starch purification system
Cassava itself also contains fructose, fiber, protein, starch and other substances. To obtain high-quality cassava starch, you need to filter the fine cassava fiber, protein, pectin and other substances in the cassava starch pulp. Now to filter the substances in the cassava starch pulp well, you usually use a cyclone
2. Desanding after cassava crushing
When the cassava is crushed, the water shall be used to wash and blend it into liquid cassava slurry. It is difficult to clean the cassava slurry when cleaning fresh cassava in front. There is no soil residue, so the coarse cassava slurry shall be desanded first through the desander
3. Cassava raw material cleaning
Cassava is usually directly processed in the factory after receiving from the field. There is a lot of soil on the surface of cassava now, even weeds and small stones in the cassava pile. At this time, the cassava should be cleaned first, so as to ensure that there are a small amount of impurities in the cassava when it is crushed

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