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Cassava flour production line Introduction

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Cassava flour production plant
Introduction of cassava
Tapioca cleaning, grinding, drying, dewatering, screening, cassava flour packaging
1. Cassava cleaning: the fresh cassava stored in the yard is first transported to the cleaning machine. In the cassava flour production line, the stones and debris attached to the cassava are first removed.
2. Cassava washing: then a water washing process is carried out in the cassava flour production line to wash the sand, soil and outer skin of cassava. After washing, the impurities on the surface of cassava are basically removed, and the peeling rate can reach about 80%.
3. Cassava grinder: crush cassava into pulp. The grinding performance determines the total output of the entire cassava flour production line.
4. Dehydration: The dehydration operation is mainly to squeeze the water in the cassava pulp to prepare it for drying in the cassava.
5. Cassava flour drying: The cassava flour dehydrated by moisture is dried with high-speed hot air in the cassava flour production line.
6. Screening and packaging: In order to further improve the fineness and precision of cassava flour, a screening stage is carried out on the cassava flour production line. Then the final cassava flour is packaged and stored.
The root of cassava can be processed into different products, including g, flour, bread and starch. Processing provides more market opportunities for small cassava producers, rather than simply selling fresh roots. Once they have purchased the right equipment, processing can increase the income of smallholder farmers because they may demand high value-added processed product prices.
Proper processing can transform fresh cassava roots into safer and more marketable products
1. Reduce the cyanide content in processed products.
2. Extend the shelf life.
3. Reduce the post-harvest loss of fresh cassava roots.
4. Avoid polluting products and the environment
Production process of cassava flour production line

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