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Cassava flour milling process

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The grinding process of cassava flour can be roughly divided into several parts: washing, crushing, dehydrating, drying and packaging. By connecting various parts, the entire production process can be automated.
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This is a key link in the process of making cassava flour. It is more important than the processing of tapioca starch. Since there is no filtering section in the subsequent processing steps of cassava flour, if there are impurities such as sand and soil, it will directly affect the quality of cassava flour, and the content of impurities is high. Under normal circumstances, cassava cleaning should be combined with a variety of equipment to achieve better results.
The crushing of cassava is different from the processing of ordinary cassava starch. When pulverizing, almost no water or no water is added, and the fineness requirements of the cassava flour milling process are relatively high. The crushed material is usually not filtered to prevent nutrient loss. In order to ensure the color when crushed, anti-oxidation treatment can be performed.
In order to dry the cassava flour, the crushed slurry is further dehydrated during the grinding process of the cassava flour. There are many options for the dehydrator. Small factories can choose hydraulic presses, and large factories can use special plate and frame filter presses to reduce the moisture in the materials, thereby improving drying efficiency and quality.
The drying of cassava flour is basically similar to the drying of cassava starch, but the process parameters are different. You can still use a jet dryer to mix high-temperature gas and wet flour to quickly remove the moisture in the wet flour to obtain dry tapioca flour. The dried material is sieved again to achieve the specified fineness during the grinding process of cassava flour. The finished cassava flour can be packaged directly, if it does not meet the requirements
Can be crushed again.
This is the last step in the grinding process of tapioca flour. The dried finished materials can be packaged according to the different requirements of customers and can be sold on the market.

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