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Cassava milling machine

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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of cassava mill.
Advantages: The advantages of the cassava mill are: small transmission part, simple maintenance and large processing capacity;
Disadvantages: Take 500 honing machine as an example. The cassava mill can process 30 tons of cassava per hour. The power is about 160-200KW. The power consumption is huge, and the saw blade is fragile and easy to wear.
The choice of cassava flour mill depends on the processing capacity of the cassava flour production line. Small cassava flour mills usually use grinders when crushing cassava raw materials. A household tapioca grater suitable for family workshops. It has excellent performance and reasonable structure. The utility model has the advantages of reliable use, high production efficiency, labor and time saving, and the use of squeezing rollers to sieve fresh cassava into high-speed rotating new
The advantages of fresh cassava shreds.
The cassava flour mill can complete crushing and fineness at one time. Automatic filtration and refining and slag separation are divided into 3 steps. There are no lumps and skins, the flour extraction rate is high, and it can be used for stationary work or loaded on a walking tractor. Suitable for processing potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava.
The characteristics of this grating machine: The world-class technology specializes in producing special frames. The cassava milling machine has high strength and wear resistance. It can also produce even and fine flour residues and a higher flour extraction rate. The replacement of the shelf is convenient and quick, which greatly improves the production efficiency of cassava flour. The separation part adopts a frameless three-stage separation structure with low resistance.
Large-scale cassava grinder is a coarse grinder for crushing raw materials. Product use of coarse mill-used to crush tuber crops, mainly used as a crusher for cassava flour.
Product performance characteristics: The rotor used in the cassava milling machine is made of special stainless steel forgings, and there are hundreds of specially designed 1.25mm bidirectional combined boring tools. The rotor is characterized by a large high-precision balancer. The file is clamped between two tapered plates and fixed with pins. Insert it into the tapered slot of the rotor for quick replacement.
Working principle: The working principle of the cassava flour mill is no different from feeding the raw materials into the casing through the speed-regulating screw conveyor in the storage barrel. Then immediately crush it. The special wood flour pump pumps the powdered cassava flour slurry through the underflow port under the Rasper into the screening process.
In this process, if the cassava milling machine is mistakenly inserted into metal parts, wood blocks, stone and other debris, 120 saw blades will be damaged at a time, and the maintenance cost is high. In addition to processing cassava, the coarse grinder is also suitable for processing potatoes and sweet potatoes. Even if there is a lot of pectin in the sweet potato, it is easy to smear the gap of the saw blade, but this is rarely seen in the work of the sander, because
The backwash system will clear the blockage in time, so it will not affect at all

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