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Cassava grinding machine for cassava processing

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Cassava grinding machine for cassava processing-Cassava grating machine
Cassava grinding machine for cassava processing
Cassava grinding machine is a device used to grind cassava to release starch, fiber, protein and the like in cassava cells, and is commonly used in the processing of cassava starch and cassava flour. For cassava processing, grinding is an indispensable process. The traditional grinding method is a simple manual stone grinding. However, manual grinding of cassava is a difficult and cumbersome task, which not only consumes a lot of manpower and time, but also has low grinding efficiency and insufficient grinding, relulting in waste. In this case, it is necessary to provide an excellent, high efficient, and time-saving cassava grinding machine to reduce the energy and time spent on manual grinding.
The cassava grating machine is widely used in the starch processing industry to grate raw material into starch slurry. In starch procesing industry, raw material is firstly cleaned and begrated into starch slurry to release starch, after a series of separation, refining, dewatering and drying operation to get edible starch. Among this steps, cassava grating machine plays an vital role in starch extraction rate and starch yield.
With the development of industrialization and the gradual maturity of the cassava industry, many research institutes and equipment manufacturers have invested more research into the development of grating machines, so the cassava grinding machine has become more and more efficient. At present, the most efficient cassava grinding machine on the market is rasper. The equipment runs fast, with high material grinding coefficient, and high raw material grinding rate. Compared with the traditional inefficient tools, like grindstones, the cassava grinding machine free people from the tedious labor.
This cassava grinding machine mainly consists of rotor, file, motor, cover, grinding block, screen tensioning device, saw blade, etc. . The processing capacity ranges from 1t/h to 40t/h and can be customized. The grinding block is a modular design that is quick and easy to replace. The file is designed for two-way grinding, with high efficiency and high cassava breakage rate. In addition, the cassava grinding machine has a special groove design, and the saw blade has a clip-on design, which is convenient to replace.
 Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava grinding machine. When we design cassava grinding machine,  engineer fully consider the practicality of the equipment and the nature of cassava. Taking into account the practicality of cassava grinding machine,  engineer not only introduced the advanced European technology, but also introduced Germany Optibelt which is stronger wear resistance and whose service life is 18 times that of the standard traditional belt and Swedish SKF bearing - a more durable bearing in the world. The designed grinding machine not only has high efficiency (up to 95%), but also has a long service life. Considering that cassava contains cyanide, care must be taken in the selection of materials for cassava grinding machine.  In the contact part of the equipment and cassava, we use food grade stainless steel, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the product, but also avoids the acid corrosion of the equipment by the cassava.
cassava grinding machine advantages:
* Compact structure and novel design.
* It can grind cassava with high efficiency in a short time, which reduce human labor.
* Smooth running, simple operation and easy maintenance.
* The contact material is made of stainless steel, clean and hydiene.
* The grinding efficiency is high and the running speed is fast.
Cassava is widely grown in tropical regions such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. In countries such as Africa, cassava is an important food crop that can contribute to the development of food security and poverty alleviation. Cassava is not resistant to storage, its roots and tubers are highly perishable and deteriorate within two to three days after harvest. Therefore, in order to reduce food losses, cassava must be processed into other products that are easy to preserve. Cassava roots are generally used to make starch, cassava flour, cassava pallet, garri, cassava chips, etc. The basic ingredients of cassava flour and starch are ground cassava, which also needs to be ground to release starch granules in the extracted roots. As a professional equipment for grinding starch, cassava grinding machine plays an important role in cassava processing. If you want to buy a cassava grinding machine for your cassava business, welcome to contact .
◆Structure of cassava grating machine:
The motorized cassava grating machine is composed of a feeding hopper, a rotor, a screen, a frame, an electric appliance and the like.  cassava grating machine is made of stainless steel, the rotor is made of special forged stainless steel, which ensures durability of equipment. And hundreds of specially designed, 1.25mm thick two-way combination file tools are installed on the rotor. The file is clamped between two tapered plates and fixed by pins. It is inserted into the tapered groove of the rotor for quick replacement.
◆ Cassava grating machine working principle:
The raw material enters the grating chamber of cassava grating machine, and under the action of the high-speed rotating rotor and the screen, the grated material is forcibly pushed through the screen and dropped into the feeding hopper or transported to a designated place.
◆Technical features of cassava grating machine:
1. Low noise, large output, low power consumption. Double-sided grating design, high efficiency.
2. The screen of cassava grating machine is not blocked, the grinding is fine, and the screen can be quickly disassembled and replaced.
4. Due to the strong pressure of the high-speed rotating rotor, the grated material quickly passes through the screen without clogging the screen, and also increases the output.
3. Cassava grating machine file thickness is 1.25 mm, which guarantees a longer service life.
5. Stainless steel material, durable and non-contaminating material, easy to maintain.
6. Sandblasting treatment for cassava grating machine, beautiful appearance. Modular disassembly for easy cleaning.

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