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Slurry Separator for Potato Crusher

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Product description:Large cassava crusher slurry separator, potato crushing machine pictures and prices, sweet potato crushing machine equipment in China

Hammer mill
Hammer mill structure
   The grinder is composed of a frame, upper and lower bodies, rotors, hammers, and transmission system. The lower body is integrated with the frame, and it is firmly connected to the reinforced concrete foundation with anchor bolts. The connection place should be cushioned with rubber shock-absorbing pads. The lower body is equipped with a screen.
The principle and use of the machine
   After the potato chips enter the pulverizer through the feed port, they are repeatedly hit and collided by the high-speed rotating hammer and fixed tooth plate. The material between the screen and the hammer is strongly rubbed. Under the effect of friction, the cells of the potato nuggets are ruptured and the starch granules are released therefrom. After passing through the screen, they fall into the slurry tank. According to many Chinese and foreign experts, the powder slurry of the potato nuggets should not be too fine.
1. Excessive crushing time will damage electricity bills,
2. Water-insoluble pectin, fine slag and damaged starch granules adhere to each other, making the separation process more difficult, affecting the quality of starch, but reducing the yield.
Technical Parameters

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