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Yam processing machine

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yam starch processing machine 
yam starch processing machines will have different types and models as the market changes. It cannot be stated that the yam starch processing machine itself is good or bad. The key evaluation factors are the extraction rate of starch and the quality level of finished products. Therefore, quality control and selection in the yam starch production process are crucial.
Types of yam starch processing machines are broadly divided into three states: simple household production lines, industry completely automatic production line and main stand-alone machines.
In the austere line of yam starch processing machine, the first thing to mention is the automatic feeding yam washing machine, which is suitable for yam and other tubers. It is in charge of cleaning and feeding automatically. This machine is often used for yam starch production line, which can remove the sediment in the pits of the yam crops, and also it leads to peeling. The refining separators are brought together to produce during installation. The automatic feeding yam washing machine developed by Henan sida Mechanical Equipment Company is currently the best equipment of its kind. The amount of cleaning per hour ranges from 1 ton to 10 tons. Of course, there are different models for you to choose from. Secondly, it plays an important part in the yam starch processing machine. It is a modified refining separator. The machine is composed of fresh yam, dried yam, corn and beans. It can be made once, crushing, coarse filtration and fine filtration. The machine can accomplish three processes of one-time pulverization, coarse filtration and fine filtration. This greatly reduces the economic cost of yam starch processing machine, which is expected to be very suitable for low-cost and efficient targets.
n the industrial complete automatic production line of yam starch processing machine, all machines involved are serviced for the quality of the finished product, and this is also the most important point in the extraction process of yam starch —separating the unnecessary parts and extracting pure yam starch. First of all, according to the physical and safe way, by working with the centrifuge sieve, the machine will play the role of separating the fiber in raw material. Hydrocyclone unit that can recover the lost fine fibers, starch molecules in the protein and cell fluid, thereby increasing production, followed by the role of refined concentration. Through a series of measures of yam starch processing machine, then is the main part of drying affection. Through the vacuum dehydrator and flash dryer, the most efficient dehydration drying can be achieved, the loss of yam starch can be reduced, and get the best quality finished product
In the processing way of main stand-alone machines. Only the simplest and most effective combination is needed in order to get the best results in the range that can be afforded. In the later period, the engineer can assist in the development of best solution without doubt according to the need of the customer.
yam flour processing machine 
yam flour is also known as yam starch, yam starch which is the starch extracted from raw yam roots. Due to starch has the property of insoluble in cold water and the specific gravity is greater than water, water and special machinery are used in yam flour production line to separate starch from the suspension of water, so as to achieve the purpose of extraction starch.
Detail description of yam starch production line:
- Firstly the yam need to be washed. The raw materials are washed in multiple stages to fully remove the sediment and improve the purity of the raw materials. Then the cleaned raw materials enter the next process in yam flour production line.
The mainly used equipment in this section includes: dry sieve, stone removing machine, paddle cleaning machine and conveying cleaning machine.
Section characteristics: yam flour production line works continuously without burden; multi-stage cleaning and washing process with high cleaning clarity and low energy consumption.
- Then washed yam need to be crushed into slurry with water as medium. The washed yam is subjected to high-strength rasper, of which the starch extraction rate is up to 95%. Multiple filtration means is adopted in yam flour production line to remove fiber impurities, and the free starch filtration rate is 98%.
The mainly yam flour making machine equipped in this section includes: cutting machine, rasper, centrifugal sieve and fine fiber sieve.
Section characteristics: unique pulverization technology, high starch extraction rate in yam flour production line, high separation rate of pulp residue, energy saving and water saving, fine filtration and high filtration rate.
- Next is sand removal section. Fully remove the sand impurity particles in the starch to ensure the taste and quality of the starch in yam flour production line.
The mainly equipped equipment in this section is: sand remover.
Characteristics of the section: small size, large handling capacity, ensure the sand impurities in starch br removed thoroughly removed in yam flour production line.
- Then starch slurry need to be further concentrated and refined. Replace the traditional precipitation process in yam flour production line, which is highly concentrated and refined. To separate non-starch substances (protein, cell sap and other soluble and insoluble impurities), and improve the whiteness quality of starch.
The mainly equipped machinery in this section: hydrocyclone station.
Section characteristics: Mathematical simulation modeling, effectively separating non-starch substances such as yellow powder, oil powder and peotein in starch, easy to operate, easy to maintain, no blocking, and long service life.
- Starch milk content excess water need to be dehydrated. The refined starch has high water content, peeler centrifuge can effectively reduce the water content of the starch and facilitate the drying in next step of yam flour production line.
The equipment mainly equipped in this section: peeler centrifuge.
Section characteristics: high dehydration rate which faciliate drying, high efficiency and energy saving, consistent and stable operation, convenient operation, reduce labor, decrease labor intensity.
- Wet starch is then dried and packed. Quickly remove moisture from the wet starch in yam flour production line.
The mainly equipped machinery in this section: airflow flash dryer.
Section characteristics: large drying strength, strong evaporation capacity, short drying time, no pollution, good starch quality.
Mechanized processing characteristics
1. The introduction of Europe advanced technology, combined with traditional technology, starch extraction rate, starch filtration rate, starch precision, starch whiteness have been greatly improved, and recognized by market users.
2. During the mechanized production process, the key starch processing steps in yam flour production line are carried out in fully enclosed equipment, the sanitary conditions are guaranteed, the external pollution is reduced, the degree of oxidation of the starch material is reduced, and the quality of the finished starch product thus can be ensured.
3. The degree of automation in yam flour production line is significantly improved, so that the operation becomes convenient and time-saving. In addition, the intelligent operating system greatly reduces the labor intensity. Low energy consumption and low water consumption reduces production costs.

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