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Cassava Grinding Machine

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Features of Cassava Grinding Machine
Processing Capacity: 3-6Tons/hour
Application Scope: Grating the cassava into the slurry.
Product Introduction: Cassava grater machine, cassava grating machine, cassava grinder, cassava grinding machine for cassava flour and Garri processing.
1. The pulverizing cavity looks like a dropping cave, which can prevent the circumfluence of the raw material.
2. The hidden rotors can pulverize the materials completely.
3. Two level pulverizing: rasp-type and hammer-type pulverizing with super efficiency.
4. The distance between sifter and sinker is adjustable, which can make rough pulverizing, fine pulverizing and micro pulverizing are available in one machine.
5. Easy-open door makes maintains convenient.
6. The sieve will be bounded up after pressing. This enables the replacement much easier and can close much tighter.
Product Description of Cassava Grater Machine
Cassava grater machine adopts two level pulverizing, the first level is rasp-type pulverizing, and the second level is hammer-type pulverizing, the combination of two levels sufficiently makes up their individual defects. It can be used for grating raw materials such as cassava, potato, sweet potato, yam etc. The efficiency can be improved by 45%-90% compared to the universal hammer mill.
Technical Parameters of Cassava Grater Machine

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