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How can you easily peel the yucca/cassava/yam

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How can you easily peel the yucca/cassava/yam?
What we know is that cassava peel contains toxic cyanide. Therefore, if you want to eat cassava/yucca or perform subsequent processing, you must first peel the cassava. Cassava peeling is the removal of two layers including the epidermis (brown layer) and the lining (white layer). Only after the 2 skins are completely removed, the subsequent treatment can be performed. In this era of rapid development, many people pursue efficiency
Rate and speed. The same is true for peeling cassava. So, how to peel the yucca/cassava/yam easily?
How to peel yucca/cassava/yam quickly? Compared with traditional and complicated manual peeling methods, the cassava peeling machine designed and manufactured by our company has large-scale cassava peeling ability, so the advantages of mechanical peeling are obvious. It is easier to peel cassava.
According to customer feedback from our company who purchased the cassava peeling machine, under normal circumstances, about 10 skilled workers can peel 4 tons of cassava per day. However, our company's cassava peeling machine can peel 4 tons of cassava per hour. Obviously, if you want to peel yucca/cassava/yam easily, the cassava peeling machine designed by our company is a good choice. Of course, if you
The output demand is larger or smaller, our engineers can carry out targeted design according to your actual situation.
Our company's cassava peeling machine is mainly composed of motor, transmission device and electric brush. The peeling rate exceeds 95%. Using a brush, it can be used not only for peeling cassava, but also for potatoes and sweet potatoes. When the cassava enters the cassava peeler, the brush roller rotates, rubs the cassava and constantly turns over. Through the friction between the cassava and the cassava and the friction between the cassava and the brush, it is finally achieved
Leather effect. In addition, the peeling machine is also equipped with a spray system, which can spray cassava continuously to achieve two effects of cleaning and peeling.
In any case, the speed and efficiency are higher than manual operation. Therefore, if you want to peel yucca/cassava/yam easily, you are welcome to choose a cassava peeling machine for cassava processing.

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