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What machine is needed to build a garri production line

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What machine is needed to build a garri production line?
To build a garri production line, the garri production line needs a set of garri processing machines, including cassava peeling machine-cassava grater-hydraulic press-garri fryer-garri screening machine.
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1. Cassava peeling machine
The cassava peeler can wash cassava peel, soil, sand and other debris. Cassava peeling is mainly to peel the gray-brown skin of cassava tubers to expose the white/yellow flesh of the g production line.
2. Cassava grater
This machine is a key process of garri production line. Its function is to destroy the components of cassava. The purpose of cassava is to extract grated cassava from unprocessed cassava tubers and then grind it into cassava puree and fruit puree.
3. Hydraulic press
The hydraulic press is equipped with a 30-ton hydraulic jack, which is higher than other machines. It can easily squeeze all the water from the cassava mash in the garri production line.
4. Greer fryer
The Greer fryer is equipped with a stainless steel drum, a rotary conveyor and blades that rotate along the conveyor fixed on the same axis as the drum. Compared with manual operation, it can process more garri at the same time and save labor.
5.garri screening machine
Greer sieving machine can separate wood fiber from chopped cassava before frying. Through sieving, the purpose of separating and purifying starch in the garri production line is achieved.
This is all the machines needed to build a garri production line in Kaifeng SDA. In addition to providing garri processing machines, Kaifeng SDA can also provide you with turnkey engineering services, including factory design, process design, machine design, machine manufacturing, installation, commissioning and worker training. Welcome to contact us.

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