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Cassava starch processing steps

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Cassava starch processing steps-Tapioca starch processing steps pdf-Cassava flour processing steps in nigeria
1. Cleaning equipment
- Dry sieve: Tapioca starch processing equipment used in cleaning unit serves to clean the stone, gravel and cassava skins and other debris.
Features: continuous operation, simple structure, large capacity, good cleaning effect and stable operation.
- Paddle washing machine: As the name indicates, this tapioca starch processing equipment is for washing purpose which mainly remove peels, sand, dirt and other epidermis impurities to improve raw material clarity.
Features: Energy-saving, water-saving and low material damage rate facilitates starch extraction.
2. Extraction equipment
Starch extraction equipment is the most crucial tapioca starch processing equipment which determines the starch yield and starch quality.
- Rasper: The clean cassava roots are transported to rasper for grating via a conveyor belt. At this stage, the cassava is ground into a liquid mixture consisting of starch granules, pulp, and other impurities. Use treated or recycled 
water to facilitate the operation of the tapioca starch processing equipment.
Features: High rotating speed, fine filing, uniform granule and high starch extraction rate.
3. Dehydration and drying unit
- Peeler centrifuge: The separated slurry is pumped into tapioca starch processing equipment for dewatering to remove moisture from the starch slurry until the moisture content reaches 38-40%.
- Flash dryer: Flash dryers is a tapioca starch processing equipment typically employed during the starch drying phase. Heated air at 170 to 200 ℃ is used for drying and starch. When wet starch contacts with hot air, the moisture 
content is reduced, and the starch becomes lighter and is carried to the drying cyclone. Starch coming out of the dry cyclone is dry and fine which meet the required moisture content, but it is still hot. Therefore it need to be 
transferred to a cooling system. DOING flash dryer is equipped with special cooling system to guarantee the moisture uniformity of starch. The residence time of starch in the drying tube is very short to prevent agglomeration and 
decomposition of the starch. Dry starch contains about 12.5% moisture content.
- Sieving equipment: Sieve starch to ensure uniform particle size.
Features of this tapioca starch processing equipment: High speed, small radius of rotation, high sieving efficiency.
- Packing equipment: To pack final starch properly for storage. It has the characteristics of labour-saving.

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