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potato starch manufacturing plant cost

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About the potato starch manufacturing plant cost, one of it's main aspect is the equipments cost, and a set of potato starch equipment cost depend on three factors: the potato processing capacity, automatic degree and model select. The following is an analysis of the factors affecting equipment cost:
1. The potato processing capacity:
The potato processing capacity of the potato starch equipment, that is the amount of raw material(potato,sweet potato,cassava,etc.) processing per hour. Usually this is the first problem that customer need thinking, This determines the type of device you choose and the production scale of the investment. Although many customer more invent to decide the production scale from the final starch production capacity, but actually the potato processing capacity is a more accurate measurement of the potato starch equipment.
In terms of the processing capacity of the potato starch equipment, Doing Company generally suggests that the processing quantity should not be small, because of the potato is not suitable to storage for a long time, and if you choose a very small capacity, mechanized production loses its meaning and you can't get a good revenue. Doing Company according according to the potato processing capacity divided the starch production scale as below:
0.5-2tons per hour is Micro-starch processing equipment, 2-5tons per hour is Small-starch processing equipment, 5-10tons per hour is Middle-starch processing equipment, more than 10tons per hour is Large-starch processing equipment.
2. Automatic degree:
The automatic degree decided also important for the potato starch manufacturing plant cost. Doing Company based on the experience accumulated in the industry for many years, the process of modern potato starch was summarized. The technical process as picture. And we can adjust automatic degree of the potato starch processing as your requests. Different automatic degree with different potato starch manufacturing plant cost, fully automatic potato starch manufacturing plant can get higher quality starch than semi-automatic plant.
3. Model(can't just pay attention to the processing capacity and price):
Equipment model selection is one of the important factors, different model with different investment, also different influencing on potato starch manufacturing plant cost and different starch quality. Whrn you choose the model, can't just pay attention to the potato procewssing capacity and the price, after all, potato crushing equipment is aimed to extracting the starch, not the crushing capacity per hour. If potato starch equipment starch extraction rate are low, the more you crush, the more potato you waste. So you have to think about the overall performance of the machine rather than just the processing capacity and the price. Different potato starch equipment model influence the starch extraction rate and starch quality. For another, you also need to focus on various factors such as energy consumption ad wate cost of equipment, you need clearly know this is also greatly influenced the plant long time development.
Finally, you can click potato starch processing plant to see the video about one of our project, and when you considering the potato starch manufacturing plant cost and the equipment price, you need know the service also one of the factors influencing the cost, the best service is the guarantee of your potato starch manufacturing plant stable operation and long-term development. Still want to tell you that we can't promise the lowest price for you, but we can promise the best quality equipments manufacturered for you and the most reasonable quotation. We also can help you to select your plant construction area, if you need, also can make the turn-key project for you.

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