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yam flour production companies in nigeria

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yam flour production companies in nigeria-business plan on yam flour production pdf
The Production Process
    1 Buy high quality white yam
    2 Wash away the sand on the yam tubers
    3 Peel the yam tubers
    4 Wash the yam tubers
    5 Slice and grate the yam tubers
    6 Mill the granule and sieve
    7 Put the yam flour in branded packaging and seal.
Sourcing the Raw Material
The only raw material is the yam tuber found in many countries. The four geographical zones all produce different variants of the white yam species. Almost all the types of white yam produced in West Africa are good for pounded yam flour.
Supplies and Inventory
General inventory include milling machinery, factory, outfits like gloves, nose masks and special shoes. Other requirements are electricity, standby generating set, labeling, transportation, and packaging material.
The Production Process
Before starting the production process, you need to have certain things in place. You need to washout the sand from the yam, peel it, slice, and wash again. Then you dry the sliced yam, mill the yam into flour, and packaged.
Machinery and Equipment for Pounded Yam Flour    Production
You need heavy machinery for yam flour production starting with transportation. Yam is very heavy and requires heavy-duty trucks to move them from the farm to your factory.
You need a source of power supply like a generating set or steady electricity from the national grid. Other production equipment is a water storage tank and source of water.
You need a weighing machine or scale, sieve, slicer, grater, milling machine, dryer, and packaging machine. You can start a small-scale pounded yam flour business with locally sourced equipment.
Apart from the milling machine, dryer, packaging, and weighing machine, labor and other basic tools can do the remaining work.
Machinery and Equipment for Pounded Yam Flour Production
    1 Weighing scale
    2 Graters
    3 Dryer machines
    4 Sieving
    5 Milling machine
    6 Packaging and sealing machine

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