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yam flour production pdf

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yam flour production pdf-feasibility study on yam flour production-yam flour production in nigeria
The production of yam as appeared from research is more than 70 million metric tons for each year. In spite of this figure, we are still hard to come by meaning that demand is more than supply.
Yam flour can either be utilized for local consumption or as raw material by other processing producers.
For instance, yam can be processed into chips or flour and sold locally or far abroad. Yam flour on account of its esteem has now turned into a mainstream food today. It is demanded in both neighborhood and remote market.
In Nigeria, the likely national annual demand for yam flour has been estimated at 200,000 Tons/Annum.
In Nigeria, though yams can be consumed by boiling, roasting and processed to yield Amala (especially in the South western part of the country), it can also be processed into the production of instant yam flour.
The traditional method of making pounded yam which requires physical pounding with mortar and pestle is very laborious and in some cases unhygienic. The increasing number of middle class family and the rise in health consciousness amongst the populace is making  the traditional way of processing pounded yam in Nigeria fast becoming a thing of the past as more and more family are shifting from the use of mortar and pestle to ready processed yam to be used for pounded yam production.   
The process of producing instant yam flour is quite simple; it involves slicing, parboiling, drying and milling of the product to yield flour. The machinery and equipment required for production can be sourced locally or from abroad, and they include;
Yam slicer, yam parboiler, hammer mill with cyclone, industrial nylon sealing machine and a weighing machine.
The production process is highlighted below;
          Yam selection; fresh harvested yam gotten from the farm are sorted to select whole-some tubers that are suitable for the production of instant pounded yam flour. Usually the mature white varieties of yam are most suitable.
·         Weighing; the selected yam are weighed properly
·         Washing; the yam tubers are washed properly in order to get rid of sand and other extraneous materials.
·         Peeling and slicing; the washed yam tubers are peeled and then sliced to desired thickness.
·         Parboiling; the sliced yam are then put into boiling water over a period of time depending on the thickness of the slices.
·         Drying; the parboiled yam slices are dried in a dryer at a specified drying temperature and time.
·         Milling; the dried yam slices are milled directly into flour of uniform particle size.
·         Packaging; the instant pounded yam flour is the finally packaged in moisture proof nylon bags.

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