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how to make cassava strach in nigeria

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how to make cassava strach in nigeria - how to making cassava flour step by step - cassava flour processing machine pdf
After filtering and heating, the air enters the air distributor at the top of the dryer, and the hot air spirals evenly into the drying chamber. The high speed centrifugal atomizer of the top of the material of the tower is made into very fine mist droplets, which are in contact with the hot air, and can be dried in a very short time as the finished product. The finished product is continuously discharged from the bottom of the drying tower and cyclone separator, and the exhaust gas is drained away by the fan. So flash drying is a very ideal process of cassava flour production in Nigeria.
First, cleaning and washing.
The purpose of the step is to remove sand and soil. Dry sieve can easily remove the soil and small stones by rotating at high speed without water. Paddle washing machine is able to handle the silt, gravel and outer peel of cassava. In addition, the dry sieve and paddle washing machine of cassava flour production in Nigeria can facilitate the work of the next process.
Second, peeling.
Cassava peeling machine has beautiful appearance and convenient operation. The peeling machine uses the pressure of the wind or water pump of the high pressure fan to produce the strong stirring movement of the water, making the material roll in the water, and combine the hair roll and the high pressure spray to achieve the special effect of peeling.
Third, crushing.
Cassava flour hammer crusher is a device which use high speed rotating knife to break raw material into mush. The purpose of the crushing section is to ensure that the grinder operates normally. Some factories do not have broken processes, then the load of the crusher will be increased and the service life of the machine will be reduced. The hammer crusher is one of the hot selling machine of cassava flour production in Nigeria.
Fourth, filtering.
Plate and frame filter press is sealed by cardboard or filter material. It is a stainless steel plate and frame precision filter (also known as stainless steel cardboard filter). The filtering device of cassava flour production in Nigeria is for solid and liquid separation.
Fifth, flash drying.

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