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There are many kinds of sweet potato potato yam tapioca processing machines, for example, sweet potato potato yam tapioca washing machine, sweet potato potato yam tapioca peeler, sweet potato potato yam tapioca crusher, sweet potato potato yam tapioca dehydrator, sweet potato potato yam tapioca starch flour dryer
1 sweet potato potato yam cassava cleaning machine
The equipment is suitable for the cleaning of spherical or long round sweet potato potatoes yam cassava sweet potato potatoes. The raw materials rotate continuously in any direction during the cleaning process, and the cleaning degree is high.  
○The wire diameter of the harder brush roller is selected to achieve the purpose of peeling the original fruit;   
○Designed according to requirements, using soft brush roller wire diameter, can achieve the purpose of wax polishing on raw materials;   
○ Reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient connection, etc. Model Production Capacity T/h Power KW Dimensions mmMSJ-2020-402.25000×1500×1000MSJ-1010-151.54500×1200×1000MSJ-54-81.14000×1000×1000MSJ-21-30.753500×710×1000
2. Sweet potato potato yam cassava peeling machine
    The CX series vegetable washing machine can work both continuously and intermittently. It has advanced design, easy operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, sanitation and high efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for the vegetable processing industry.
Structural characteristics and working principle:
    This machine is mainly composed of frame, brush roller (7 pieces), worm gear reducer, sprocket, chain and water pipe combination, etc.
    This machine adopts UC204 and FL204 bearings with high performance. This mechanical design principle greatly improves the life of the product.
    The welding of the handle is combined with the door to form the exit part of the machine. Turn the handle counterclockwise to pin the handle baffle on the small door sleeve. The spring is pulled to pull the door panel, which can discharge the material.
    The main components of this machine are made of stainless steel to ensure the long-term work of stainless, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-harmful and other characteristics, in line with food processing machinery hygiene standards.
working principle:
    After the raw materials are put into the machine, the brush roller rotates and scrubs the raw materials and continuously turns them over. At the same time, the drain pipe is continuously sprayed to wash away the dirt that has been washed from the raw materials until it is washed, and then the discharge is opened Door discharge.
Transmission principle:
    The transmission system of this machine adopts a variety of transmission methods such as belts and sprockets
Sweet potato potato yam cassava crusher
Hammer crusher
Hammer crusher--  Hammer crusher is an advanced level fruit and vegetable crushing machine designed and surveyed by our company. It has the advantages of novel and compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, large production capacity, wide application range and so on.  
○Secondary protection of side cover;   
○Adjustable surface of hammer structure;   
○The fineness of crushing is determined by the aperture of the screen and the gap between the hammer and the screen;   
○The operation platform can be made according to the process requirements.
 Model Production Capacity T/h Power KW Dimensions mmCPJ-2020~4022~301830×1100×2500CPJ-1010~1511~151280×1100×2035CPJ-55~85.5~7.51130×850×1850CPJ-21~22.2~3.01000×600× 1500
 Hammer crusher--
  Hammer crusher is an advanced level fruit and vegetable crushing machine designed by our company. It has the advantages of novel and compact structure, energy saving and high efficiency, large production capacity, wide application range and so on.
  ○Secondary protection of side cover;
  ○Adjustable surface of hammer structure;
   ○The fineness of crushing is determined by the screen aperture and the gap between the hammer and the screen;
  ○The operation platform can be made according to the process requirements.
Sweet potato potato yam tapioca pulp separation machine
The centrifugal screen is a screening equipment in the pulp and paper industry. It is mainly used for coarse separation after washing to remove undigested fractions, fiber bundles and other impurities in the pulp. It is based on the CX type centrifugal screen Improved new equipment.
The centrifugal screen machine retains the characteristics of the CX type centrifugal screen with small diameter, high speed, and good pulp ring. The centrifugal screen has low power consumption, small footprint, and simple operation and maintenance.
Structural principle: The centrifugal screen machine is mainly composed of shell, machine base, screen drum, rotor and motor. The slurry enters the screen drum through the pulp inlet on the side of the shell. The good pulp passes through the screen hole by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the screen drum and the centrifugal force. The coarse slag and fiber bundles are intercepted in the screen drum and discharged through the tail slurry port.
1. The equipment must work under full load, the amount of pulp input must be uniform; there is a pulp stabilization box with sufficient volume;
2. During normal operation, no vibration is required, the spindle is not squeezed, and the current is relatively stable. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, it should be stopped immediately to check.
3. Start and stop sequence
(1) Start-up sequence: a. Check and open the slurry inlet valve; b. Open the dilution water valve; c. Start the motor; d. Start the slurry pump, and gradually open the slurry inlet valve when the slurry tank is close to overflow .
(2) Stop sequence: a. Turn off the slurry pump and slurry valve; b. Continue to flush the screen drum with water for several minutes until there is no slurry in the drum; c. Turn off the motor; d. Close the water valve.
Sweet potato potato yam cassava pulp dehydrator and drum dehydrator
The dehydration machine, also known as industrial dehydration machine, centrifugal dehydration machine, and industrial spin dryer, is designed according to the unified standards of the original National Ministry of Textile Industry. It has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, high efficiency, low wear, and low noise. Its main components are stainless steel. There are small holes around the gallbladder and inner gallbladder, and the clothes to be dehydrated are placed in the stainless steel gallbladder. The motor drives the stainless steel liner to rotate at high speed through the belt. As a result, a large centrifugal force is generated, so the water is thrown out through the small holes in the liner and collected and discharged uniformly. Generally speaking, for wet clothes, the drying effect achieved by the dehydrator for two minutes is almost the same as the effect achieved by the dryer for twenty minutes. However, the dehydrator cannot completely dry the clothes. Therefore, one way to save time and energy is to dehydrate the wet clothes first, and then perform the drying operation after the water is removed.
Starch flour dryer
QG series pulse air dryer
The pulse air dryer is a large-scale drying equipment. It adopts the principle of instantaneous drying and utilizes the rapid movement of hot air to drive wet materials and suspend the wet materials in the hot air, which strengthens the entire drying process and improves The rate of heat and mass transfer, the material dried by the air flow, almost all unbound moisture can be removed, and the dried material will not be deteriorated, and the output can be significantly improved compared with the general dryer drying.
Pulse air dryer is a kind of air dryer. During the drying operation, the diameter of the tube is alternately reduced or expanded to make the air flow and particles flow at an uneven speed. The relative speed and heat transfer area between the air flow and particles are large, thereby enhancing the heat and mass transfer rate. In addition, the air velocity in the expansion tube is greatly reduced, which increases the drying time accordingly.
The form of dry moisture is mainly surface water, and it is difficult to meet the process requirements for materials with more internal water. The machine can be designed into a blast system, a draught system, a draught draught system according to the technological requirements, and the blower can double as a diffuser. In the blower fan system, the fan can be steplessly variable to achieve the "0 pressure" of the system to be accurately controlled at the feed or the air leakage of the cyclone separator. For flammable and explosive materials, ordinary welded pipes are easy to accumulate and lead to high temperature. Our factory has a unique processing technology to make the inner wall of the dry pipe, flange connection and other materials pass through *smooth to ensure that the material does not stay in the device.
High drying intensity and low investment in equipment: The processing capacity of airflow drying equipment is *, the capacity of evaporating water is from 50kg/h to 1500kg/h, and the equipment volume is small, the investment is low, and other drying equipment is incomparable.
High degree of automation and good product quality: Air-flow drying materials are all carried out in the pipeline, and the drying time is extremely short (only 0.5-2 seconds). Therefore, automation can be achieved, the product does not contact the outside world, the pollution is small, and the quality is good.

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