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abricates industrial garri flour starch of tapioca cassava processing machine in india by okiotech n

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Sweet potato cassava is one of the traditional main grains in China. The existing processing methods are mainly to directly make sweet potatoes into dried potatoes or steamed to make dried potatoes and french fries. This kind of processing method has serious defects. The shortcomings of the traditional processing technology are: the production cycle is too long, the natural saccharification and drying time is as much as January, and as little as 10 to 15 days; the processing technology is not standard and not standardized, and the taste and color of the dried potato products are quite different; During the long-term drying process, it is susceptible to environmental pollution, spoilage, mildew, etc.; because such products need to be directly dried in the sun, large-scale standardized production cannot be carried out, nor can the hygiene of the drying and production process be guaranteed. .
On October 27, the workers of Shengda Agricultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. worked on the sweet potato starch production line. In recent years, Xinhe County, a national key county for poverty alleviation and development, has taken advantage of local sweet potato planting to implement the "company + base + farmers + market" operating mode, led by leading enterprises, implemented order-based acquisitions, and established integrated planting, storage and transportation The industrial chain integrating processing, processing and sales, promotes industrialization of agriculture with industrialized sweet potato processing, and promotes targeted poverty alleviation. At present, the county has developed more than 6,000 acres of order-style sweet potato cultivation, driving more than 500 farmers to increase their income

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