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Corn syrup processing into high fructose syrup or glucose plant

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As we all know, all kinds of syrup are processed with starch, which belongs to the corn deep processing equipment technology. Corn starch production is processed by wet method. Corn must first enter the soaking section. The soaking solution is a high concentration of sulfurous acid, which is released after soaking. Sewage exceeded the standard several thousand times, so the scale is in a corn starch plant with an annual output of 100,000 to 150,000 tons, and the state no longer applies for approval because the environmental protection assessment cannot pass and the business license cannot be processed, the main reason is that the sewage cannot be discharged.
The new process is completely different. First, corn is subjected to dry peeling and embryo extraction to remove protein. In the entire project, water is no longer used, so there is no sewage discharge. The dregs yield is 2%, the germ yield is 8%, and the fine flour yield is about 20%. The corn flour reaches 70-80%, and the requirements for making syrup can be achieved after passing through the whole process. After entering the liquefaction spray, the starch in the corn flour is converted into dextrin solution after high-temperature liquefaction spray, and filtered by a plate and frame filter to separate the corn syrup residue and syrup to obtain a cake-like high protein corn feed, which is dried and air-dried. After crushing and sieving to meet the protein feed standard for sale, the wet cake can also be sold directly to the breeding industry (because the corn syrup residue has been sterilized at 130 ° C), and the protein content is 37-38.
The syrup solution filtered by the plate and frame enters the syrup chemical section for saccharification and is converted into glucose syrup. After the saccharification is completed, it enters the decolorization section. The edible activated carbon is placed in the saccharified solution for more than 40 minutes. Separation. Because corn syrup is used to directly process syrup, the color of the syrup is very important. It needs a second peeling treatment to make the syrup liquid a colorless and translucent liquid. It enters the ion exchange section. Ions absorb various ions and pigments and are exchanged out. The concentration of syrup is relatively thin, and it needs to enter the three-effect concentration section. The concentration of syrup after the three-effect concentration can reach 55%, which still does not meet the national standard. It needs to be concentrated in the finished product to 71%. Some users require a higher concentration. 78-82-84. After meeting the requirements of the finished product, it will be stored in the finished product tank and packaged for sale.
China is a large agricultural country with abundant agricultural resources. With the government ’s policy of tilting agriculture and the adjustment of agricultural structure, economic crops for agricultural products have grown from farming to large-scale cultivation at the base. Chain consumption, low utilization, low value, and deep processing is the only way to increase added value, otherwise it will affect the enthusiasm of farmers for planting, cause a large number of farmers to lose their jobs, and it is not easy for rural political stability. Therefore, the emergence of agricultural product deep processing industry is imperative. Corn deep-processing equipment, especially high-tech processing equipment, has become the first choice for rural farmers to become rich. The large-scale, broad-spectrum, and broad-spectrum have great significance for the development and construction of the national economy.

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