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automatic potato processing machine price

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Potato processing machines include potato washing machines, potato peelers, drum peelers, small cleaning peelers, taro peelers, potato peelers, potato slice processing machines, potato cleaning machines, potato dicing machines, potatoes Crushing machines, potato starch processing machines, potato flour processing machines, etc.
Potato cleaning machine
Potato washing machine, also known as roller brush washing machine, is used for the sorting and cleaning of carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables and citrus fruits. It uses high-pressure water spraying and high-quality rotating nylon brushes to convey and clean. Well, it can thoroughly clean the stains on the surface of fruits and vegetables. The equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with simple operation, elegant and beautiful structure and durable. It can also process different lifting structures according to different materials of users, and can be customized according to user requirements.
The potato washing machine uses a high-pressure fan or the pressure of a water pump to make the water produce a strong stirring motion, so that the materials are rolled in the water. The rotation of the hair roller and the high-pressure spray are combined to achieve the special purpose of cleaning. Structural features and working principle The machine is composed of a frame, a water tank, a fan (water pump), a circular washing pump, and a transmission part. Due to the existence of water pressure during operation, fruits and vegetables are tumbling and agitated in the water. After the washing water is filtered, The circulating flushing pump is pressurized until the nozzle of the feed port is flushed back. The nozzle direction is adjustable. The material is flushed again by the high-pressure water sprayed from the nozzle and drifts toward the outlet. The outlet is disposed of to the scraper elevator and scraper. The speed of the hoist is adjustable (adjust the speed of the scraper hoist to the required production capacity), and send the washed fruits and vegetables to the next process (you can add a spray pipe to the exit scraper hoist according to user requirements to further spray wash).
Potato slice machine
Product introduction: Large potato chip machine, suitable for slicing root vegetables, lumps of plant-based raw materials, such as sweet potatoes, taro, potato, etc., suitable for corporate canteens, schools, meal hosting and other group meal companies and supermarket net vegetable distribution farmers' markets, etc.
Features: The whole machine is made of national standard 304 stainless steel thick plate, which is resistant to corrosion and meets food hygiene requirements
Raw material cutting, minimum thickness is 0.5mm
Centrifugal cutting principle, the cutting surface is smooth and flat, without damaging the raw material structure
Uses: Large potato chip machine, suitable for slicing root vegetables, lumps of plant-based raw materials, such as sweet potatoes, taro, potato, etc., suitable for corporate canteens, schools, meal hosting and other group meal companies, as well as supermarket net vegetable distribution farmers' markets, etc.
The fresh potato starch machine adopts a hedgehog roller, and the fresh potato is sliced ​​into filaments by high-speed rotating fresh potatoes, without lumps, pits, and less debris. It does not block the filter screen, which is beneficial to the extraction of starch. Complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine refining, and automatic filtering and separation of pulp and residue. Its special pulp and residue separation device allows the shredded potato shreds to be washed with water twice, so that the starch and powder residue have enough time to separate, thereby improving The extraction rate of starch is good, and the nails are sharp and wear-resistant, which ensures the continuity of operation.
High efficiency, labor saving, time saving, spin washing, potato feeding, crushing, separation, slag discharge, complete the slurry separation at one time, no block, high strength, high abrasion resistance, sharp teeth, and processed slag. Uniform and delicate, higher starch extraction rate, reasonable and compact structure, reliable use, high production efficiency, labor-saving and time-saving, the products are serialized, which can meet the different starch processing needs of starch processing, such as individual households.
Corn starch machine Fresh potato starch machine has excellent performance, reasonable and compact structure, reliable use, high production efficiency, saving labor and time, and is a good equipment for our people to play potato flour, sweet potato flour, and yam flour.
Potato starch processing machine
   It is suitable for large starch processing manufacturers and customers who use potatoes as raw materials. The process runs from cleaning, crushing, starch extraction, fine filtration, sand removal, concentration, refining, dehydration, and drying to the automation of the raw materials. . The difference between the standard potato starch processing equipment and the economic type is: 1. In terms of equipment configuration: the standard type is more complete than the economic type, the equipment configuration is higher, the concentration and refining section uses a 19-21 level swirl, and the starch extraction quality is higher; 2 3. Equipment materials: Standard equipment is mostly made of stainless steel, which is more secure. 3. Processing capability: Standard equipment is more powerful than economic processing equipment and is suitable for standardized starch manufacturing enterprises.
原理 Potato starch processing principle:
The production process of potato starch is a physical separation process, which separates the starch in potato raw materials from cellulose, protein, and inorganic substances. In the production process, the properties of root starch are insoluble in cold water and have a larger specific gravity than water. Water and special mechanical equipment are used to separate the starch from the water suspension to achieve the purpose of recovering starch.
Process of potato starch:
Kaifeng Sida potato starch production line adopts wet processing technology for starch production without adding any additives. The whole process is mature in technology, advanced in equipment, scientific in configuration and reasonable in process. The starch production process is designed according to the six sections of cleaning-disintegration → screening → concentration refining → dehydration → drying. In particular, the crushing and sieving section uses the Kaifeng Sida potato industry's -curve extrusion mill, which adopts a unique process of multi-stage crushing, multi-stage filtration, and multi-stage extrusion in turn. After crushing and filtering, it is crushed. The final shape has the advantages of low energy consumption, high starch extraction rate, and good starch quality, and improves the production efficiency and starch extraction rate of the production line.
Process flow:
Spiral cleaning machine-stone removal cleaning machine-paddle blade cleaning machine-new squirrel cage cleaning machine-curved net extrusion type powder mill-fine filter (round)-sand remover-starch microfiltration machine- 19-Starch Refining and Concentrating System-Vacuum Dewatering Machine-Drying Machine

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