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Full automatic cassava peeling machine price

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Cassava peeling machine Cassava is rich in nutrition, raw cassava has certain toxicity, it needs to be cooked and processed before it can be eaten. The processing of cassava requires peeling, and the cassava skin is removed using special machinery and equipment. The speed of manual peeling is slow. The processing of high-yield cassava requires mechanized processing, which is continuous and labor-saving.
Cassava peeling machine Our company peels cassava according to the characteristics of cassava. The method of peeling is mainly to rub and clean the cassava with hard imported nylon silk. The rotation of the hair roller drives the rotation of cassava. During the continuous rotation of cassava, each side of the hair roller is cleaned by brushing of the hair roller to ensure uniform and no dead angle. The cleaning time can be configured according to actual needs. The equipment is customized according to the actual processing output.
Cassava peeling machine equipment is designed for two types of forward rotation and reverse rotation. The equipment is made of special food grade stainless steel with long service life.
There is a discharge port on the side of the machine for automatic discharge, and the whole machine is not rusty and clean. According to customer requirements, a waste collection tray can be installed at the bottom of the machine to prevent sewage and dander from contaminating the ground. The mechanization and automation of agricultural products have been realized. This equipment adopts the principle of hair brush, which is cleaned with animal material. The machine can be cleaned continuously without interruption. It has large volume, higher yield and better effect. It is the most advanced cassava peeling machine in China.
   Regarding cassava equipment, our company also produces cassava slicing, cutting, strip cutting machines, as well as complete equipment for making cassava flour, cassava peeling machines and so on.

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