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how to make cassava flour or starch

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Potatoes mainly include sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes are called sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., potatoes, potatoes also known as potatoes, potato, etc., yam, cassava and so on. Potatoes usually have very high starch content. The starch content from high to low is: cassava, sweet potato, potato. Correspondingly, cassava usually has higher starch content than sweet potato and potato.
  The first is hand-made sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, and pueraria starch. His manufacturing process is
1. First remove the sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava soil and small stones mixed with water, and clean the sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava.
2. Manually crush the sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava with stones or hardware objects. It is best to beat small particles like slag. The purpose of this is to separate the starch granules. The starch granules are very small. If the crushing is not very fine, the starch granules cannot be separated.
3. Then put these broken sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes in a large container, and wait for one night, because the specific gravity of the slag and starch is different, so the starch will sink to the bottom, and then let the water out. This is made into crude sweet potatoes, potatoes, tapioca starch, and the starch is allowed to air dry.
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Semi-mechanized processing of sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, taipioca starch processing
1. Use a conveyor to transfer the sweet potatoes, and then use the sweet potato, potato, and cassava cleaning equipment to surprise the cleaning of sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava.
2. Use a crusher to break the sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava, and then use a crusher to crush the sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava.
3. Separate the sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava residues with a slurry separation equipment.
4. Build multiple ponds, then put the crushed sweet potatoes, potatoes, and cassava in the pond to settle, so wait a few hours to drain the clear water from above, and the wet starch is below
5. Wet starch can be dried with a dryer or air-dried

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