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Gluten washing machinery

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Stainless steel dough kneading machine-Gluten washer machine-Gluten washing machine
The prodcution description of the gluten washing machine is first put wheat flour and water into the gluten washing machine,  then mix them to make the dough (do not too dry or do not too wet), then put more water to wash the dough 
Gluten washing machinery
separate the wheat starch with gluten . Normally,  it need washing the dough 4~5 times, then the water will clear not white, the left product inside the gluten washing machine is the wet gluten.
The wet gluten produced by the gluten washing machine can be used to make many kinds delicious gluten food, such as steam gluten food, oil fried gluten food  and etc.
Introduction of dough kneading machine and its function:
During the process of wheat starch production, starch releasing is necessary procedure, which directly decides the starch extraction rate. Dough kneading machine adopts the theory of wheat starch releasing, which can make gluten with 
good quality as well as low investment. It's easy operated and suitable for family use or reselling business.
When running the dough kneading machine, wheat flour is mixed with water and made into dough. Then dough is kneaded in clean fresh water, with starch and other soluble impurities washed out and gluten with elasticity, plasticity and 
stickiness left in the machine.
Working process of gluten washer machine:
1).Pour flour and water into hopper before starting up, the ratio of wheat flour and water is 10:6 or 10:7, (10kg flour with 6kg or 7 kg water), then starts up gluten washer machine
2). knead dough: It takes about 12 minutes, it requires clockwise rotation for 5-6 minutes, then rotation in the diverse direction for about 5-6 minutes, then stop the gluten washer machine for a few minutes. Better to cover the dough 
with cloth.
3). Stop knead dough: Waiting no less than 12 minutes
4). Washing dough several times: After the gluten washer machine stops for 12 minutes, pour about 30 kg of water into the machine, turn on the machine to wash dough, and then stop the machine to discharge the batter after 3 minutes
5). Get gluten: Move the separator to the grading position. When the hopper discharges batter, the filter must be inserted into gluten washer machine until the batter is thoroughly discharged.
The secondary washing time in gluten washing machine should not exceed 5 minutes. The later two washing time can be longer. Repeat the 3) and 4) steps for 2-3 times to get gluten.
The dough kneading machine is composed by equipment shell, double-helix rollers and transmission system etc. Starch pulp is discharged by disc valve, which can prevent gluten leaving out. Gluten outlet is in middle or lower part of 
machine, making final products discharged automatically and saving labor work.
Features of gluten washing machine
1. The gluten washing machine adopts high quality 304 food grade stainless steel. It is not easy to have residual flour stains, so that the washing machine is easier to clean, which does not cause bacterial residue, and makes the washed 
gluten more clean and sanitary.
2. The gluten washing machine adopts the refined double helix to wash the noodles. The two stainless steel spirals wash the dough in the washing chamber at the same time, so that the washing speed is faster, the flour utilization rate of 
the dough is higher, and the output of the gluten is improved.
3, The gluten washing machine does not need to knead dough when washing the gluten, the washing machine can automatically complete the whole process from knead dough to washing, the operator only needs to put the flour and water into the 
gluten washer machine, and then turn on the machine.
4. The washing speed and water volume of the gluten washing machine can be adjusted and controlled, which increases the flexibility of the machine.
5. The washing gluten tank adopts the advanced imported water sealing device to better protect the machine, so that the washing gluten tank will not leak when used for a long time.
Features and benefits of dough kneading machine:
1. Easy operation
2. Stable rotating with suitable speed
3. Long service time of the equipment
4. Higher extraction rate 

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