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Wheat gluten making machine

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Wheat gluten making machine-Carbon steel gluten washing machine-Seitan making machine
Wheat gluten making machine
Features of  carbon steel gluten washing machine:
1. The bucket can be turned over, the stainless steel filter net is added inside the bucket, so that the water and the gluten can be effectively separated.
2. The carbon steel gluten washing machine is easy to operate and saves power (only equipped with 220V, 1.5KW single-phase motor).
3. The drain port is convenient to discharge water, is a mechanical product for making gluten.
4. The whole carbon steel gluten washing machine is made of stainless steel, clean and hygiene.
5. This machine is a new type of food machinery. It has the dual functions of dough kneading and gluten washing, suitable for food processing, starch processing and gluten processing. An ideal food machine for individual merchants.
The wheat gluten is produced from wheat flour. The wheat gluten making machine (also called gluten washing machine ) production process is making dough from wheat flour, then use water washing to separate the wheat starch and wheat gluten. 
Detailed introduction about the usage of wheat gluten making machine
1.First, put the water into the hopper, then put the suitable flour into the hopper to mix them together. The water and flour ratio is 1/2, for example, if you put 50 kg flour, you need put 25kg water.
2,The first mixing time around 12 mintues, with clockwise rotation 5-6 minutes, then reverse about 5minutes, then stop the wheat gluten making machine to make the dough keeping a moment with a wet cloth or plastic wrap
3.The dough keep generally for not less than 12 minutes.
4,After 12 minutes, put 25 kg water into the hopper again, then open the wheat gluten making machine to work about 3 minutes, then stop, let the flour batter flow through the hole of machine.
5,The machine moved to points, connect the filter on the hopper when the flour batter flow.
6,The second washing time will be not more than 5 minutes, repeat 3-5 times, then can get the gluten finally. Please clean the hopper after get the gluten out from the wheat gluten making machine.
Gluten is a kind of delicious food which is popular on the market, especially in the city. Its good taste, cool and refreshing, convenient to eat and economical features makes it popular across the country. In the process of making gluten, washing gluten is the most laborious work, particularly in winter wheater, the cold ice water makes people unable to endure. With the gluten washing machine, you will be spared these problems, and meanwhile save a lot of manpower and material resources.
Parameters of carbon steel gluten washing machine:
Motor power: 1.5kw-2.2kw (lighting power supply)
Voltage: 220v
Efficiency: 50-100 kg of flour per hour (also can be customized according to requirements)
Operation: 1 person
Introduction of seitan making machine
In the production of wheat starch, the separation and extraction of dough and gluten is the first important process. The double helix seitan making machine produced by  Company is designed and developed on the basis of advanced technology at home and abroad, and has the national patent right. It has the advantages of simple operation, low rotation speed, stable running, long service life and higher extraction rate. Since its popularization, it has been widely used and praised by customers of domestic and overseas.
Structure of seitan making machine
Seitan making machine, also called gluten making machine, is composed of a shell, a double screw shaft, a transmission system, etc. The outlet port is in the form of a disc valve, which can reduce the discharge amount of the broken gluten. the outlet is designed in the middle and the lower part, which can be automatically discharged the gluten, thereby saving manpower.
Installation of seitan making machine
1.The machine should be installed horizontally on the concrete foundation and tighten the anchor bolts
2.For the double reduction type, the coaxiality of the reducer and the screw shaft should be adjusted, and the rotation directions of the two axis are opposite.
3.Before starting the seitan making machine, check whether the rotating parts are flexible in operation, without stuck, and whether the outlet is closed
4.Water temperature should be around 20 ℃

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