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How to grind the cassava flour cubes

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How to grind the cassava flour cubes?
With the gradual industrialization of cassava flour production, cassava flour production equipment has become the mainstream of cassava flour production and processing methods on the market, and the quality of mechanically ground cassava flour has always been better than manual production. So how to use a cassava flour processing machine to grind cassava flour blocks?
Cassava grinding machine
First of all, you should clearly know that the raw cassava pulp is dehydrated by an automatic plate and frame filter press, and then a wet cassava flour cake is formed. Next, the cassava flour block needs to be further ground. On the cassava flour production line, the grinding process is mainly completed by two types of cassava flour processing machines: hammer crushers and flash dryers.
Hammer crusher:
Hammer crusher is a device that uses high-speed rotating blades to crush cassava flour blocks. It can be broken into small pieces or small particles. The surface of the cassava wet flour block becomes larger, which is beneficial to the next drying operation. The grinding of the cassava flour block is mainly done by a hammer crusher.
Flash dryer:
The bottom of the flash dryer is equipped with a stirrer. After the crushed fine or granular cassava flour is stirred through the mixer, the rotating air current formed by the operation of the mixer drives the wet cassava flour. Under the impact and friction of air, small or granular cassava flour will be quickly crushed into finer cassava flour within 1-2 seconds. The flash dryer plays an auxiliary role in grinding the cassava flour block.
The above is the process of grinding cassava flour blocks on the cassava flour production line. The hammer crusher and cassava flour quick dryer used in the crushing process run smoothly, have strong processing capacity, and have good processing effects. The cassava flour has high fineness and can run continuously. They are ideal cassava flour production equipment for modern cassava flour production. If you want to produce high-quality tapioca flour, it will be a good choice.

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