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Potato dry cleaning machine

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Use of potato dry cleaning machine
The cleaning of potato raw materials is to remove sediment, soil, gravel, impurities, etc. attached to the surface of the potato. Before crushing, the maximum cleaning of the material with a potato dry cleaning machine can reduce the abrasion of sand and gravel on the processing equipment, and can also reduce the difficulty and burden of the subsequent fiber separation process.
In the first stage of cleaning, a potato dry cleaner-dry sieve will be used to directly scrape off the sand, dirt and stones on the surface of the potato.
Equipment structure and characteristics
One kind. The drum conveying of the potato dry cleaning machine, on the one hand, puts fresh potatoes in a rotating drum and moves in a circular motion along the wall of the drum, on the other hand, it moves in a straight line along the axis, and the overall cleaning distance exceeds 20 meters. Higher cleaning efficiency, part of the peel, sediment, stone and skin residues will be automatically discharged through the grating gap and the sewage outlet at the bottom of the shell.
b. Energy efficient. The potato dry cleaning machine has the functions of cleaning and transporting potatoes. There is no need to add an additional potato conveyor, which is impossible for ordinary cage washing machines.
C. The raw material cleaning distance is long, the cleaning efficiency is high, the potato skin is not damaged, and the starch loss rate is low.
d. The potato dry cleaning machine runs at a low speed, which reduces the centrifugal force, makes cleaning more convenient and the processing process smoother.
e. The funnel feeding of the potato dry cleaning machine reduces the difficulty of manual feeding, makes feeding more convenient and easy, and reduces physical labor.
Working principle
The potatoes are rubbed and rolled in the potato dry cleaning machine, and the internal spiral initially removes the debris attached to the surface, and at the same time, the cleaned potatoes are transported to the cleaning stage through the spiral rotation. In the process of completing the feed delivery, the mutual friction between the raw materials is used to complete the preliminary cleaning of the surface deposits, which greatly reduces the subsequent washing pressure and reduces the water consumption.
Processing capability analysis
The processing capacity of potato dry cleaning machines mainly depends on the total starch processing capacity of the starch producer. It is also based on the output of subsequent crushing equipment to control the cleaning load.

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