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Stainless steel industrial starch flash dryer

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Stainless steel industrial starch flash dryer-Starch dryer machine-Cassava starch dryer
Features of cassava starch dryer
plant production of flour from cassava
1,When design air flow drying system,  fully considered each factor of turbulent flow,cyclone separating and heat exchange ect.,so that each collocation and parameter have definite theory basis.
2,The material of contaction with starch parts is stainless steel.
3,The product quantity and precision are greatly aspect of product manufacturing, each manufacturing sectors such as the device choosing, processing, jointing and welding are all adopted computer control.
4,Though measuring on feeding material moisture, or temperature difference between inlet and outlet, the feeding quantity and inlet steam volume can be automatic adjusted, thus the water content of product could reach the technology 
The starch dryer machine features in simple structure, easy operation, low investment, as well as compactness. 1.8-2.0 tons of steam will be needed for evaporating 1 ton of water.
Advantages of starch dryer machine
1. Fast drying speed. The whole drying time takes only 2-3 seconds;
2. The products dried by starch dryer machine has uniform particle size, high purity and good quality;
3. Automatic operation, simple operation and convenient control;
4. A wide range of applications. Starch dryer machine is suitable for drying of cassava starch, cassava flour, potato starch, sweet potato starch, etc.
5. High dry strength and low equipment investment. Easy installation and maintenance.
Industrial starch flash dryer description:
The industrial starch flash dryer designed and manufactured by  is not only suitable for all kinds of tubers starch drying, but also for corn starch and wheat starch drying. It is also suitable for drying of other heat sensitive powder 
or flake materials that need fast drying.
The process configuration and technical parameter of the whole industrial starch flash dryer is strictly controlled according to the scientific theory which ensures the high quality of the final product. The industrial starch flash dryer 
is made with high quality stainless steel and fine workmanship, is a good choice for customers.
Features of industrial starch flash dryer:   
1. Equipped with heat recycling device to increase heat efficiency.
2. Equipped with automatic moisture adjusting device for final products, to ensure stable and accurate moisture after drying.
3. Specially designed drying pipe can reduce the industrial starch flash dryer height as much as possible while ensuring high drying efficiency.
4. Equipped with product cooling system to ensure product quality.
5. Easy for installation and maintenance.
Description of starch dryer machine:
Starch dryer machine is the ideal equipment for drying the end products like starch, modified starch and wheat gluten in starch industry. Starch dried by the starch dryer machine features in clean appearance, glossy luster, smooth powder 
and stable moisture while wheat gluten features in high water absorption, excellent activity and original flavor.
The starch dryer machine can be designed and produced based on customers' requests on space and warehouse, which is convenient for installation, operation and maintenance. Air speed is continuously changed because of different section 
diameters of pulse tubes, therefore, heat transfer coefficient is high and materials can be dried well. Ring-type starch flash dryer is especially designed for wheat gluten and starch, which could ensure complete dryness and product 
Application of industrial starch flash dryer:
1. Sweet potato starch production line
2. Potato starch production line
3. Cassava starch production line
4. Corn starch production line
5. Wheat starch production line

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