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Air-stream crash drye

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Air-stream crash dryer-Cassava starch air-stream drying machine equipment
stream drying machine equipment
The cassava starch air-stream drying machine can be controlled, both manual and automatic operation. When starch air-stream drying machine is by automatic control, the exhaust gas temperature of automatic measure by water controlled will 
send back the signal to the previous feeding adjustable motor. By this way, the feeding capacity can be controlled. Also the output moisture content will be ensured.
Usefulness of air-stream crash dryer
Air-stream crash dryer, is a kind of new energy-saving drying equipment, which is declared as Chinese national invention patent. The main fuel is coal or gas. The freezing air becomes dry hot blast through the hot air-stream stove, which 
is appearing as suspended state with bulk material. It causes the gas and solid to go forward at higher speed in parallel. At the same time the water is vaporized in order to dry material.
Working principle of cassava starch air-stream drying machine equipment
Sludge, powder and granular material are in the state of suspension under the effect of high-speed hot air. As flow speed is high, the material particles suspended in air, the heat transfer surface and heat transfer coefficient of gas-
solid is high, and drying time is short (most of the dry material only a few seconds), it is particularly suitable for drying of heat sensitive materials.
During the air drying process, clean the air heater through the cold air from the wet starch after delivering the transport auger feeder into the air duct by the young wet starch mixture, are instantly dry, dry starch cyclone, 
discharging auger off air control exhaust, emissions into the atmosphere by the fan.
Features of air-stream crash dryer
(1) when the wet material and hot air mix up in the drying tube, they could go ahead at high speed in parallel with two suspended states, and crash, damped vibration. Then they go to air blower for refinement. The drying area of material 
is increased. And the heat efficiency is improved .
(2) Material is delivered from air blower to vortex room. After fineness, the heavy material containing more moisture revolves along the outer wall at high speed, in order to increase the relative velocity, strengthen the effect of heat 
transfer, and improve the heat transfer confident of the volume. The material containing regular moisture discharges from the center to the top. The feature of this plant is good quantity of drying, high effect of heat transfer, and low 
energy source consumption. The height of this plant is lower 50% than tower type starch dryer.

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