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Stainless steel gluten maker

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Stainless steel gluten maker-Gluten washer-High quality double helix gluten washer
Introduction of stainless steel gluten maker
The stainless steel gluten maker is the latest energy-saving equipment, is a professional machine for making gluten. New type stainless steel gluten maker has the characterictics of high efficient, washing clean, integrating dough kneading and dough washing, greatly reduce the artificial heavy manual labor, gluten is more suitable for business use.
Stainless steel gluten maker
Principle of gluten washer:
Drive the auger to carry out positive and negative direction of rotation, the dough inside can be multi-directional agitation, then squeeze, rub the gluten.
Features of gluten washer:
Simple operation, low speed, smooth operation, long service life, extraction rate is higher than the same equipment.We are leading manufacturer of gluten washer.
Main advantages of gluten washer :
1. Adopting food grade stainless steel
2. Low energy consumption
3. Running smoothly
4. Small footprint
5. Double helix stirring shaft
6. High intensity running & More efficient
7. Stirring uniform wear resistance
Features of stainless steel gluten maker
1. Adopting adjustable speed motor which can control the operation speed
2. Stable running, reasonable speed
3.High quality gluten, the glutne made by stainless steel gluten maker taste good
4. Saves trouble manual dough kneading process
5. Simple operation and easy maintanance
6. The stainless steel gluten maker is simple and practical, convenient and quick to use
7. Reasonable in structure and beautiful in shape

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