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Turn key project in Nigeria for cassava starch processing plant

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The second cassava processing plant is being installed in Nigeria! Key Project of Tapioca Starch Processing in Nigeria
In 2019, the team of engineers flew to Nigeria for the second time to go to Nigeria's cassava processing plant project. This is our second cassava processing plant project in Nigeria.
This project of the Nigerian cassava processing plant started in 2016. We communicated with Nigerian customers via email, phone and WhatsApp in a professional and responsible manner.
During the exchange, the head of the Nigerian company said that before identifying partners, he had compared several other Chinese equipment suppliers, including many powerful starch production and manufacturing companies. After careful consideration, from the comprehensive consideration of advanced equipment, scientific configuration, process rationality, quality, etc., he still chooses and believes in the company!
In February 2017, the two parties reached an agreement on the details and signed a contract for a cassava processing plant in Nigeria! Before paying the equipment deposit, Nigeria appointed a Chinese partner as a domestic representative to visit our factory, and visited the company's large-scale equipment production and processing workshops, finished equipment workshops, casting molding workshops and process research laboratories. Finally, we are recognized for our advanced equipment, mature manufacturing experience and comprehensive strength.
In 2018, the project was suspended for about one year due to the delay of Nigerian bank loans. We delivered the entire cassava starch processing production line in August 2018.
In March 2019, the executive engineer and translation team flew to Lagos, Nigeria, to install this new cassava processing plant.
In the next 3-4 months, we will have a rough plan for the cassava processing plant project in Nigeria:
1. Considering that there is no basic work on the customer's project site, we need to provide the customer with basic drawings and supervise the local workers to complete the basic work first in about a month.
In the middle of this month, our engineers will help customers check whether all the scales of the Nigerian cassava processing plant are correct and avoid errors, which will ensure the smooth progress of future work.
2. At the same time, collect all the elements in the 4 HQ containers, there are a total of more than 500 elements, we should place all the elements in the correct position.
3. First, large machines were equipped for the cassava processing plant in Nigeria.
4. To facilitate the transportation of the assembling of the cassava starch dryer, the dryer must be assembled on the project site. This is also a complicated task and may take 1 month.
5. For the connection between machines, we need to make many non-standard connections between the two machines to ensure a good connection during operation.
6. It takes about 15 days for piping work and electricity use.
7. It takes one week to test the cassava processing machine once,
8. It will take about half a month to debug the entire cassava processing plant in Nigeria
9. Trial run: run with boiling water, secondly run with less materials, then run the entire production line with the required capacity of cassava; it may take another month
10. The entire cassava processing plant in Nigeria
 The company specializes in project design, installation and commissioning of starch processing plants, and has established many projects in many countries/regions, such as Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania, Indenesia, South Africa, Thailand, etc., which are highly recognized by all customers.
When this cassava processing plant in Nigeria is installed, we will invite different customers to visit the factory in operation. If you want to learn any information about starch processing projects, please contact us directly.
Key Project of Tapioca Starch Processing in Nigeria
The 24TPD tapioca starch processing plant project was installed in Nigeria in October 2018. Recently, a Nigerian customer signed a contract with our company for the production capacity of a tapioca starch processing plant of 24 tons per day. It takes about three months to complete the manufacturing of these machines. The key project of this cassava starch processing plant started in October 2018. The comprehensive construction in the last few days has been inspected once and has been officially taken over by our Nigerian customer.
Machine delivery for Nigeria tapioca starch processing plant project
Although this is not the first time that a turnkey project has been provided to a foreign customer, a successful project is the best affirmation of the development of cassava starch processing in the past ten years. High-speed, high-efficiency, comprehensive service, and lifetime technical service are all important reasons for the steady and sustainable development of our company.
Construction of Key Projects of Tapioca Starch Processing in Nigeria
The complete set of tapioca starch processing machine independently designed and manufactured by our company, relying on the status quo of China's tapioca starch processing machine, has absorbed advanced European technology, suitable for market demand, continuous breakthrough and innovation, and has been highly recognized by customers.
The main equipment is dry screen, drum washing machine, cutting machine, knife sharpener, centrifugal screen, hydrocyclone, vacuum filter, air dryer.
 Features of cassava starch processing machine:
1. The latest wet processing technology to ensure starch quality.
2. The traditional advanced cassava rasps technology, the starch extraction rate is over 94%.
3. The cassava cleaning only takes 10-15 minutes to obtain the final starch, an efficient and cleaning process.

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