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Sweet Potato Starch processing line Project

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Recently, the sweet potato starch production line ordered by Xinxiang customers has been installed. The trial run is now complete. During the trial operation of the sweet potato starch production line, the customer confirmed that the sweet potato starch processing machine has no abnormal phenomena and the production status is normal. Under the guidance of our engineers, the customer's employees have now fully understood the use of the equipment and can complete the daily production of sweet potato starch. With the consent of the customer, our engineer has left the factory and returned.
Why customers choose us
It is understood that customers in Xinxiang City have consulted many sweet potato starch production line suppliers before contacting Henan. After communicating with our project manager, the customer visited the equipment manufacturing plant in Henan. When customers visited our factory, they found that our company has rich experience in the production and installation of starch processing machines, mature equipment production technology, and skilled processing procedures. Therefore, the customer finally chose Henan as the supplier of its sweet potato starch production line, signed a contract and paid a deposit on the spot.
Xinxiang sweet potato starch production line operation video
The following are real photos of the long-term trial operation of the processing of sweet potato starch by Xinxiang customers.
If you want to know more about sweet potato starch production line and sweet potato starch processing machine, welcome to visit Henan factory! Our company not only has equipment production plants in China, but also equipment storage warehouses in Nigeria for the convenience of customers. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of sweet potato starch production line, please leave me your contact information, our project manager will contact you as soon as possible.
 Machinery is a professional potato starch manufacturer and has installed many potato starch manufacturing plant projects around the world. The following is our potato starch manufacturing plant project report, which is mainly divided into the following four parts:
1. The starch production process of potato starch production plant:
The production process includes potato washing, potato crushing into free starch, sieving and separation, concentration and refining, wet starch dehydration, and starch air drying. Use a complete set of machinery for potato starch production equipment.
2. Report on the main features of the potato starch production plant project of our company:
1) Reduce space requirements, reduce pump and pipeline requirements, save investment, and consume less energy than other equipment.
2) The production process of potato starch is very short, it only takes about 15 minutes from cleaning to final starch.
3) Continuous production process, high efficiency.
4) Except for the drying process, the production process is carried out under normal temperature and pressure.
5) Advanced technology to improve production capacity to ensure that starch products meet high-end standards.
3. Technical requirements for potato starch production plant project:
1) The freshness and quality of raw materials must be maintained to ensure the extraction rate, capacity and quality of starch.
2) The water quality is required to meet the beverage standards used in the production of potato starch.
3) Non-ionized starch equipment and pipelines, it is best to use all stainless steel equipment and pipelines to ensure that starch is not polluted.
4) In the starch drying process, control and eliminate various combustibles, such as static sparks, cigarettes, etc., to prevent dust explosions and ensure production safety.
4. Technical data of potato starch manufacturing plant project:
1) Extraction rate of potato starch: over 96%.
2) Water fee: less than 30 cubic meters per ton of starch.
3) Electricity fee: less than 180kw per ton of starch per hour.
4) Starch product quality: up to 98% of the first grade.
Including the potato starch manufacturing plant project report. This is a summary. Different items in different areas have different details.

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