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business plan on plantain flour processing machine price

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business plan on plantain flour processing machine price
The first step of plantain flour manufacturing process is cleaning section, in which dry sieve and paddle washing machine will be applied. Firstly sand, stones and other impurities attached on surface of plantain tubers are removed by 
dry sieve. Then paddle washing machine is used for complete cleaning. In the washing machine, plantain tubers comes out against water flow direction (countercurrent washing principle) , which makes high cleaning and can also remove some 
peels as well.
The second step of plantain flour manufacturing process is processing section, which is the most important and key part in flour production. After plantain tubers come out from dry sieve and paddle washing machine, they will be 
transferred into cutting machine and rasper machine. Cutting machine makes tubers into small pieces and then rasper machine crush them completely, break cell structure and makes flour out as much as possible. Rasper machine is the key 
equipment in plantain flour manufacturing process, which determines extraction rate and output of final flour.
After plantain tubers being crushed, the next step is to separate other contents (fiber, protein, etc) from flour. In separation parts of plantain flour manufacturing process, we will use centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve and 
hydrocyclone system. Firstly centrifugal sieve separate big fiber from flour slurry, and then fine fiber sieve will screen tiny fiber that still exists after centrifugal sieving. Above all are solid contents, after that we need to 
separate liquid protein and cells. Hydrocyclone system adopts the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate protein and other impurities by various gravity and centrifugal force. Hydrocyclone system has functions of refining, 
concentration and recovering of flour slurry.
The third step of plantain flour manufacturing process is drying section. After all purifying and concentration process is finished, we will get pure flour slurry at certain density. To dry flour and get powder form, we need two 
procedures-dewatering and drying. Because special features of plantain flour granule, which is different from other potato flour, peeler centrifuge is introduced here. By centrifugal force, the dewatering machine separate water from 
flour slurry. After dewatering, we can get flour with moisture content about 40-42%.
Based on GB standard, final flour moisture should be around 12-14%. So after dewatering process, we will need flash dryer to get required flour powder. Flash dryer is one of key equipments in plantain flour manufacturing process, which 
can make flour dried completely in instant. Besides in our drying system, we use negative pressure, reducing flour loss and purifying working environment.

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