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how to make cassava starch in nigeria

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how to make cassava starch in nigeria-how to make cassava flour from cassava root
how to make cassava starch in nigeria, how to make cassava flour from cassava root
The cleaning of raw materials - washing and peeling of cassava peels - crushing - dehydration - drying - finished product. Cassava flour production machine includes conveyor, cleaning and peeling machine, crusher, dewatering machine and 
flash dryer. It is equipped with pure air heating system without additional boiler.
In the process of making cassava flour, there are some main cassava flour production machine that influence the entire line's affection mostly. Such as plate frame filter press and flash dryer:
The characteristics of cassava flour production machine for dewatering - plate frame filter press are as follows:
1) The structure is simple, the operation is easy and stable, the selection range of the filter area is flexible, the unit filter area occupies less land, the filter driving force is large, the obtained filter cake has low moisture 
content, and has strong adaptability to materials.
2) Low product price, technical precision, high quality, good reputation, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, strong versatility, exquisite materials, sturdy and durable, variety and complete specifications.
3) All this cassava flour production machine use high quality materials, credit companies, quality assurance.
In addition, the racks of sida plater frame filter press are all made of high-strength steel welded parts, with high frame strength, stable structure and long service life, which can withstand the intense pressure. The reinforced filter 
plate is molded using a number of patented technologies. The surface of this cassava flour production machine is smooth, corrosion resistant and tasteless. The main beam surface of the cassava flour production machine is equipped with a 
wear-resistant non-metallic track formed once. The hydraulic automatic pressure filter press frame is made of high-strength steel welded parts. The frame can withstand the strong pressure caused by filtration.
The working performance of flash dryer is as follows:
1. Flash dryer is a cassava flour production machine adopts instantaneous drying method, and can be used for processing heat-sensitive materials. There is a stirrer in the drying chamber, which can be used to dry the viscous materials in 
the high-speed airflow.
2. High yield and good quality.The dried cassava flour during the process of making cassava flour has uniform grain size and small moisture content.
3. Low energy consumption per unit product, this cassava flour production machine can dry high solid content of materials at a higher temperature, which is energy saving compared with many other dryers.
4. Particles are dispersed at high speed in the hot gas flow, with short drying time, fast speed and high thermal efficiency.

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