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extraction of starch from potato

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extraction of starch from potato- manufacturing processing machine of starch from potato 
Potato starch processing waste handling
The only by-products are pulp and fruit juice. The pulp is sold wet to nearby farmers, and it is a valued cattle fodder. The juice is used as a fertilizer and distributed in road tankers or in pipelines connected to the farmers irrigation systems. Recent years protein has been precipitated from the juice as animal feed. The residual juice is evaporated and applied as a organic fertilizer. The environment has for years been a great concern, and the starch industry has learned to live up to the strict rules set by the authorities. The industry is therefore quite prepared to meet the challenge of the future - and starch has a future indeed. Potato starch processing is a most pure and versatile natural polymer with progressive uses in our everyday life.
Potato starch manufacturing
The potato crop requires a lot of attendance and the potato starch processing makes it easy for a small family enterprise to earn its living. The potatoes are grown in crop rotation, and potatoes are only grown one year out of four on the same plot. This is the most effective measure of decease control. The harvest begins late august and ends before winter becomes hard. The factories run until the whole crop is processed. Normally the production campaign ends January. The short campaign requires large stores for the starch - the most is stored in silos.

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