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cassava peeling and washing machine price

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The working principle of the cassava peeling machine is the same, the difference is that the material of the roller body configured in the machine is different. Different materials are used, the effect, processing volume and durability of the peeling machine are different. Today's evaluation is to compare the different advantages and disadvantages of the four peeling processes, and help users choose cassava peeling machines that meet their own requirements.
1. Brush roller peeling machine
The brush cleaning machine is suitable for the deep cleaning of sweet potatoes, potatoes and thin-skinned materials, because its raw materials are consumed less, the surface is smooth, and it has the effect of strong cleaning to remove the skin.
2. Steel nail roller peeling machine
The steel nail roller peeling machine is suitable for the strong peeling of roots and stems with thick cassava and other skins that are not easy to clean and peel. Because of its greater peeling strength, the degree of raw material wear is more serious.
3. Emery roller peeling machine
Emery roller peeling machine is also currently used by many customers in the market for cassava peeling, because its peeling effect is better. After peeling, the surface of the material is smoother and the appearance of raw materials is low. The contact part is not stainless steel and the diamond belt is easy to wear and replace frequently.
4. Wire roller peeling machine
It is mainly used for materials with thin skin such as sweet potatoes and potatoes. After using the equipment, the raw material skin is less consumed and relatively smooth, and it also has the effect of strong cleaning to remove the skin. Here are tips for using the intimate peeling machine: the recommended material size is 10-15cm, more feeding, low speed operation, and the peeling effect is better.
The price of cassava peeling machine is in the range of 3000USD.-30000USD according to the material and processing output
All in all, the peeling machine has its own advantages, and each process has its own advantages and disadvantages. The peeling effect ranges from low to high, and it can complete different levels of clean peeling.

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