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authomated complete cassava processing machine

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The cassava processing machine has a fully automatic production line function, including cassava starch production line, cassava flour production line, garri production line
 The company is a professional manufacturer of complete sets of potato starch equipment. It has a long history of production. The starch production process is constantly updated. It can process 3-60 tons/hour of fresh potatoes and 1-8 tons/hour of starch output.
  The starch equipment produced by our company has different configurations according to the requirements of the overflow part and the material of the support, the size of the output, and the quality of the starch. It has the characteristics of novel structure, convenient operation, stable operation, continuous work, fast adjustment, high efficiency and energy saving.
  The company has the ability to manufacture, install, and debug complete sets of equipment. It is responsible for training staff to operate technology, assisting project implementation and starting the market, so that user projects can develop smoothly and win huge profits.
Introduction of cassava starch production line
Weighing: Choose a floor scale with specifications from 5 tons to 50 tons.
Weeding: The weeding machine designed by our company has specifications from 5 tons to 50 tons.
Stone removal: the YT-CSJ-5-30 ton/hour stone removal machine produced by our company is selected and fed into the stone removal machine with a scraper conveyor.
Potato washing: YT-XSJ-5-30 tons/hour potato washing machine produced by our company is selected and fed into the potato washing machine with scraper conveyor or gravity flow.
File grinding: 650, 800, 900 series are selected, there are hoppers on the file grinding machine, the cassava is sent into the hopper with a scraper conveyor, and a screw conveyor with adjustment is equipped below the hopper, and the hopper is made under the file grinding machine .
Slurry separation: centrifugal sieve and under-screen pump and slurry pump (screw pump, defoaming pump) produced by our company are used to separate potato residue and starch milk. Centrifugal sieve are: YT-LXS-700, 850, 900, 1000 , Under-screen pumps are: MX40-40, MX50-40, MX50-50, MX65-40, MX65-50, MX80-40, MX80-50, MX100-40, MX100-50.
 Desanding: using YT-CSQ-40, 50, 65, 80, 100 produced by our company, equipped with pumps: MX40-50, MX50-50, MX65-50, MX80-50, MX100-50.
 Desalting: 5-7 sections of cyclones produced by our company, with specifications of YT-XLQ-220, 260, 300, 325, 360, 400, 430, 450, 500, equipped with pumps: MX50-40, MX50- 50, MX65-40, MX65-50, MX80-40, MX80-50, MX100-40, MX100-50.
 Refined: 9-12 sections (2-3 sections recovered) of cyclones produced by our company, specifications are ¢220, 260, 300, 325, 360, 400, 430, 450, 500, equipped with pumps: MX40-40 , MX50-40, MX65-40, MX80-40, MX100-40.
Dehydration: the YT-ZKT-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 vacuum dehydration machine produced by our company is equipped with vacuum pumps: sk-6, SK-9, SK -12, SK-15, SK-20, SK-25.
Drying: There are three ways: ⑴: hot blast stove; ⑵: heat conduction oil stove; ⑶: steam boiler. According to the output, different specifications of drying tubes, fans, air shut-off devices and radiator fins are selected.
Packaging: There are two ways: ⑴: manual (based on the number of users); ⑵: automatic packaging: select the model according to the output.
Storage: Packed finished starch should be stored in time to ensure warehouse ventilation and fire prevention measures.

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