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modern cassava processing machines and howtogeti

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After 26 years of development and research, we have produced cassava processing machinery suitable for Africans, which solves the problems of high labor intensity and low yield, and realizes fully mechanized operations.
Products are: cassava starch complete equipment, cassava flour (flour) equipment, cassava instant powder equipment, cassava curry powder equipment. There are many specifications.
In terms of starch equipment, from raw material transportation, cleaning, impurity removal, crushing, sieving, separation, purification, dehydration, drying, all mechanized, high yield, high starch yield. reliable quality. Specifications:,, 5000, 10000 kg/h.
In terms of cassava flour equipment: from the transportation of raw materials, cleaning and removing impurities, crushing, dehydration, and drying, mechanized operations have been achieved, replacing the old-fashioned way of smashing the sun, which can be produced all year round, and the increase of ton volume reduces transportation costs , High product quality and high output rate. Specifications:, 0 kg/h.
Cassava instant powder equipment: It is a ready-to-eat cassava cooked flour flour and water can be eaten after mixing with water in recent years, convenient food. Production kg/h production line.
Cassava curry powder equipment: It solves the old-fashioned manual frying method, realizes mechanization, increases output, liberates labor, and reduces costs. Specification; 30-50, 50-, kg/h production line.
Cassava starch is not only edible, but also has great uses in industrial production. Therefore, foreign countries have a very large demand for sweet potato starch. Many companies purchase cassava starch equipment in order to increase the output of cassava starch. What are the functions of good quality cassava starch equipment? The following is a small editor to answer your questions.
1. Multi-level cleaning function
Cleaning is a key part of the potato processing. Cleaning can ensure that the starch has no mellow taste, thus ensuring the basic quality of starch. The sweet potato starch equipment has a multi-level cleaning function, which can be used to strongly remove the sediment on the sweet potato through the bionics principle, and then use the cage cleaning device to further rinse to improve the cleanliness of the sweet potato and remove the sweet potato skin.
2. Crushing and filtering function
The cost-effective sweet potato starch equipment has crushing and extrusion functions. During operation, it needs to be broken and filtered many times, and then the starch slurry is separated from the remaining sweet potato residue. The sweet potato residue must be repeatedly squeezed and filtered, and at the same time, the starch slurry is osmotic filtered to ensure that The starch in sweet potatoes is extracted as much as possible to ensure a high starch extraction rate.
3. Starch dehydration and drying function
The sweet potato starch equipment can dehydrate the refined starch slurry through the vacuum suction filter pre-hanging principle to allow the starch slurry to reach the moisture content required by the drying process. Then, the starch is dried using a low-temperature and high-air-flow airflow starch. The wet starch is sent into the drying tube, and the fresh air is heated by the radiator, and then enters the drying tube, and the wet starch is dried under the power of the fan

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