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technical parameters for locally made large scale cassava processing machines

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Most of the equipment purchased to contact foreign trade companies are in Africa. Southeast Asia generally bypasses trading companies directly (their business is not easy to do). We first need to determine what the end product of the cassava processed by our customers. It is cassava whole powder or cassava bread powder. This process is peeling-cutting-cleaning-feeding-crushing-dehydrating-drying. There is a layer of poison on the surface, and the surface is woody. This process is generally translated from African orders as "cassava flour" or "bread flour" This is not starch processing, we can understand the product as whole flour or flour. The front end of the process flow of the two kinds of cassava starch processing equipment is roughly the same, belt conveying-peeling-cleaning-belt conveying-coarse breaking-fine breaking-pulp residue separation-secondary separation-sand removal-refinement-protein separation-dehydration-drying, First explain why the process is so matched. The size of the cassava root block conveyed by a belt scraper is inconsistent, and it grows into a cylindrical body. If the size cannot be set by spiral conveying, two peelings, the material will go to the peeling machine in one process. The rotation of the roller will rub off the debris, soil, and epidermis. The peeled cassava will be cleaned once to ensure that a layer of debris adheres to the surface of the cassava after peeling. The cassava with different sizes is transported into the roughing machine by the conveyor belt. It is broken into small pieces and then enters the secondary fine crushing. The crushing screen is 0.8-2.0mm. The fineness of the potato residue after secondary crushing is the same as sawdust. At this time, the starch slurry and potato residue are in a mixed state and need to enter the separator In the slurry separation part, the starch slurry is refined once after the separation. After the starch liquid is refined, it enters the sand remover for further purification and enters the cyclone group to separate the protein and impurities in the material. At this part, the starch is basically formed ,Introduce the purified starch into the dehydrator for dehydration. The dehydrated starch has a tax content of 35-42. The dry humidity can be picked up by hand and can be dispersed into the drying equipment. The drying outlet part is equipped with fine powder Sieve, the refined starch is considered a finished product,

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It can be packaged and sold.
Customer Q&A: First seek information to determine first, whether the customer’s end product is cassava starch or cassava whole powder, and determine the customer’s production capacity such as 3, 5, 8, 10, 15T production capacity per hour (I plant equipment specifications, processing per hour The amount of raw materials), secondly depends on whether the customer requires stainless steel or carbon steel. For detailed quotes, please consult our customer service staff.
Process equipment: belt conveyor, dehydration machine, cage cleaning machine, automatic feeder, rough crusher, secondary crusher, cylindrical separation screen, vertebral screen, sand remover, cyclone group, dehydration machine, Dryer, transfer tank, etc.
Operation process: feeding lifting-level cleaning-secondary cleaning-primary crushing-secondary crushing-slag separation-secondary separation-sand removal-secondary slurry separation-cyclone washing-dehydration-airflow drying:
Capacity design: 2-3t/h 3-5t/h 5-7t/h 8-10t/h 15t/h 20t/h (processing raw material capacity per hour, large quantities can be customized)

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