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Automatic cassava peeling washing machine in China

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Cassava, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are all rhizome plants, and they are processed in the same way. The automatic cleaning machine uses food-grade brushes for conveying and cleaning, and the rotating brush is equipped with high-pressure wire spraying, which has a good cleaning effect. It can completely remove stains on the surface of raw materials. According to the price of the cassava peeling washing machine, the machine is designed to wash long fruits and vegetables according to the processing requirements of the raw materials. Large amount of effective cleaning. Water saving, continuous cleaning, simple operation and other features are
The advantages of cassava peeling and washing machine.
Technical parameters of cassava peeling washing machine:
Model capacity (t / h) power (kw) size (mm) weight (kg)
DYTP-40 0.5-1 3 3250 * 1050 * 1100 1200
DYTP-60 1-2 5.5 4250 * 1050 * 1100 2000
DYTP-80 3-4 7.5 5250 * 1050 * 1100 3000
Introduction of potato, sweet potato, cassava peeling washing machine
  Pour the material into the cassava peeling and washing machine. Under the action of the high-pressure water stream and the rolling of the brush, the cassava will evenly roll and rub in the machine. The sediment scum is washed with the water flow, and the material falls directly into the dust box of the equipment. It is discharged from a larger diameter pipe.
  The cassava peeling cleaning machine is mainly composed of a motor, a transmission device and a stainless steel hair rod. It is widely used in round and oval shapes and long fruits and vegetables.
The machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance
Convenient operation, large cleaning and peeling solvent, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation and long service life. The brush roller material is specially treated to be durable and has excellent wear resistance. The cassava peeling washing machine brush complies with the food industry standard, is corrosion-resistant and hygienic. The price of the machine can be customized according to your requirements
Claim. The parameters are for reference only, and the configuration is different according to the model specifications, so the cassava peeling cleaning machine can be changed, and processing customization is supported.
Instructions for use of cassava peeling and washing machine:
1. Structure: The equipment is composed of main components such as transformer box, powerful motor, steel brush, steel rod and water spray pipe. The reasonable price of cassava peeling machine is our biggest feedback to customers.
2. Operation steps:
(1) After connecting the power supply and the water pipe, evenly put the materials into the cassava peeling washing machine for cleaning.
(2) Start the motor switch to make the equipment run normally and in the correct direction.
(3) After the cleaning work is completed, turn on the discharge port switch, and the raw materials are automatically discharged.
(4) After the work is over, fetch water with clean water, and regularly clean up the waste in the cassava peeling washing machine box.
(5) Lubricating oil needs to be used regularly for the chain drive part.
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