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Automatic cassava flour processing machine in China

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Automatic cassava flour processing machine in China
Simply put, cassava flour is the powdery form of cassava after peeling. Cassava flour contains starch, fiber, protein, pectin, microorganisms, etc. Tapioca is also a powdery white product, but it is different from tapioca starch. Compared with tapioca starch, tapioca flour has more comprehensive nutrition.
Introduction of cassava flour processing machine
The main components of the cassava flour machine are:
Washing, grinding, degreasing, dewatering, drying, packing. Each section of the cassava flour processing machine is connected to each other, and the cassava flour processing line can automatically complete the entire production process.
Detailed description and functions of the main components of the cassava flour processing machine
1. Cassava peeling machine
Cassava flour is processed through a series of steps. Because high impurity content will affect the quality of cassava flour, we need to use a cassava flour processing machine to peel and wash to remove dirt and skin on the surface of cassava. Generally speaking, cassava washing machine and cassava peeler should work together to obtain high-quality cassava cassava flour.
2. Cassava grinder
The cassava flour milling process of cassava flour processing requires as little water as possible during machine grinding. The crushed material is usually not filtered to prevent loss of nutrients.
3. Dehydration of cassava flour:
To obtain dried cassava flour, the cassava needs to be crushed and dehydrated. Cassava flour processing machine centrifugal dehydrator (small cassava flour processing machine) and scraper centrifuge (medium or large capacity cassava flour processing machine). The dehydrator is used to reduce the moisture of the material and improve the drying efficiency and quality of the material.
4. Dry packaging of cassava flour:
After the previous step, we got wet cassava flour, which needs to be dried with a cassava flour dryer. The drying process of cassava flour is similar to the drying of cassava starch and requires a flash dryer. The hot air comes into contact with wet cassava flour and takes away the wet water of the cassava flour very quickly. After drying, the cassava flour processing machine will go through the screening, and the required fineness of cassava flour can be directly packaged. Standard tapioca will
Shattered again.
First is the description of the cassava flour processing machine. Regarding the processing technology of cassava flour, welcome to consult our engineers.

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