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multi purpose cassava processing machine equipment alibaba

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sizes of cassava processing machines
A cassava processing machine mainly includes cassava crushing machine, cassava cleaning machine, cassava slicing machine, cassava drying machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava starch production line, cassava flour production line, etc.
2. Main equipment of cassava starch production line:
    Conveyor, impurity removing machine, potato washing machine, crusher, washing centrifugal screen (pressure curved screen), sand remover group, cyclone group, dehydration machine, dryer.
3. Cassava starch production process:
    Fresh cassava is cleaned to remove impurities, transported to a special crusher to be fully crushed to reach the state of free starch, and then separated into pulp and residue washing. After multiple stages of washing, the starch in the residue is completely separated. Separation and purification of protein, enter the dehydration machine for dehydration, try to make water separation about 35%, evenly feed into the dryer. The safety requirements for drying are 13-14%. 
Cassava-conveying-removing impurities-cleaning-drum cleaning-primary crushing-secondary crushing-screening-cellulose separation-protein separation-sand removal-fine screening-dehydration- -Feeding-starch drying-finished product screen-air cooling-packaging.
4. Main technical indicators:
    1. Starch quality: the first-class standard of industrial cassava starch.
    2. Starch extraction rate: 90%-95%
    3. Total installed capacity: 280KW (actually about 300KW)
    4. Water consumption per ton of starch: 8-10 cubic meters
    5. Coal consumption per ton of starch: 80-90Kg
    6. Power consumption per ton of starch: 60-70 degrees
    7. Main workshop area: 40m*10m*8m
    8. Employment: 8-10 people
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