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characteristics of high quality cassava processing machine

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1. Choose according to the requirements for finished starch
If the quality of starch is generally required, some fine filtering units can be temporarily omitted when selecting cassava starch equipment. If you want to produce high-quality refined white starch, you must configure a complete set of cassava starch processing equipment, fine filter, mud and sand removal device is essential
2. Choose advanced equipment
The technology of some cassava starch processing equipment is relatively backward, especially in the stage of crushing and extracting starch, and the extraction rate is very poor. This equipment is not only inefficient, but also causes a lot of waste. It is recommended that you choose cassava starch processing equipment with relatively advanced technology. Such equipment not only has high efficiency, but also has a very high starch extraction rate.
3. Choose equipment with stable performance
The performance of some equipment is very unstable, and the situation is very different when it is put into production, which will seriously affect the processing efficiency and quality of cassava starch. Although the price may be relatively low when purchasing such cassava starch processing equipment, when such cassava starch processing equipment is put into use, there are often many problems that are not worth the gains. It is recommended that you make various investigations and choose high-quality cassava starch processing equipment with stable performance.
Generally speaking, the manufacturers that can do for many years in the starch equipment industry are very strong, because time is the best test for their cassava starch processing equipment.
Fourth, choose equipment that is easy to repair and maintain
Even the best equipment will fail, but some equipment is very troublesome to repair, and it is not convenient to disassemble and replace parts. When selecting cassava starch processing equipment, it is necessary to choose machines that are easy to repair and maintain. In this way, even if the equipment occasionally fails, it can be resolved in time without too much delay, thereby ensuring the efficiency of starch processing and improving the quality of finished starch. The reason why the quality of starch can also be improved is because the interruption of production will cause browning of the starch and seriously affect the starch hue.
5. The price of high-quality cassava starch production line machines
When you buy cassava starch processing equipment, you must make a careful comparison and make multiple inspections to choose suitable equipment with advanced technology, stable performance and easy maintenance. The processing of high-quality cassava starch processing machines is generally between USD 200,000 and USD 500,000

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