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cassava processing machine el manual pdf

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cassava processing machine el manual pdf
The automatic cassava starch machine adopts the most advanced hedgehog roller to plan the fresh potatoes through high-speed rotation. It improves the extraction rate of starch, and has good color. At the same time, the nails are sharp and wear-resistant, ensuring the continuity of operation. Potato flour milling equipment, suitable for processing potatoes, cassava, cassava, dried cassava and other tubers; banana root, kudzu root, lily, yam and other tuber plants. It is a starch processing enterprise, vermicelli processing enterprise, farmers and other processing cassava. Ideal equipment for potato and other potato starch. The automatic cassava starch separation machine has excellent performance, reasonable and compact structure, reliable use, high production efficiency, labor-saving and time-saving. It can complete the three processes of crushing, washing powder, and automatic filtration and separation of pulp and slag at a time. Its special pulp and slag separation device makes planing. The potato shreds are washed twice with water, so that the starch and the powder residue have enough time to be separated, thereby improving the extraction rate of starch. The machine's own water pump can pump the starch wastewater separated from the area at any time, which is beneficial to reuse the slurry and reduce pollution in the starch production process.
  Our company exports to Brazil and Nigeria many sets of cassava starch processing machines. The capacity of the cassava starch processing machines provided ranges from 2 tons of fresh cassava to 35 tons of fresh cassava per hour. If you need a larger picture of the cassava processing machine please contact us

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