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Cassava starch processing plant and cassava flour production machine company purchase complete equip

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Abstract: In recent years, a number of starch plants have been constructed in southern China, all using Chinese-made equipment, with production scales ranging from 35 tons per day to 200 tons per day. In recent years, some new equipment has been launched. This article introduces the equipment made in China used in the cassava starch production line of the Guangxi Cassava Technology Development Center.
With the continuous improvement of the technical level of cassava starch production in China, the cassava Diankai industry has shifted from the past workshop-style miniaturization to large-scale and mechanized development. China's starch manufacturing technology is also maturing. Mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. The starch equipment manufactured is efficient, reliable and energy-saving.
2. It has strong adaptability and can match 35-400 tons of starch production lines with different scales per day.
3. The manufacturing cost is low. Compared with the similar imported products, the cost is only 1/2 to 1/4 of the imported products, and the sex ratio is high.
Due to the above advantages, the starch equipment made in China has not only been recognized by the majority of cassava starch manufacturers, but also has a certain degree of competitiveness in the international market.
In China, the process of preparing starch from cassava is generally as follows:
1. Using fresh cassava as raw material
Cleaning → Crushing → Screening → Desanding → Refining → Concentration → Dehydration → Drying → Packaging → Storage
2. Take dried cassava slices as raw materials
Cleaning → Crushing → Soaking → Secondary Crushing → Screening → Desanding → Refining → Bleaching → Concentration → Dehydration → Drying → Packaging → Storage
It has been proved by many years of production practice that the above-mentioned cassava starch production process route only has compact equipment layout, less floor space, low energy consumption, good quality of starch products, and basically realizes mechanization of operation, high production efficiency, and a larger social environment. improve.
The following is the main equipment and production capacity selected according to the above cassava starch production process route, see Table 1; the main raw materials, power (water, electricity, steam) unit consumption (calculated per ton of commercial starch), see Table 2; See Appendix 1 for the quality index of cassava starch. Among them, 95% of the products are above the superior grade.
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