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source power to run uzere cassava processing machine starch flour

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Cassava starch processing machine
The cassava starch machine is a multi-purpose processing machine for the processing of potatoes and beans. It can complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine grinding and pulp residue separation of fresh potatoes at one time. It is widely used in medium and small starch factories and household users.
Cassava starch machine has simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, high productivity and convenient maintenance. It can complete the three processes of coarse crushing, fine grinding and pulp residue separation of fresh potatoes at one time, which can reuse the slurry and reduce the wastewater in the starch production process. Changed the phenomenon of starch color deterioration and darkening caused by oxidation during the manual production of starch; the powder residue crushed during the processing process was filamentous under the microscope, which was conducive to the starch free from the fiber, thereby improving the starch Extraction rate. It is mainly composed of feed inlet, cone mill combination, separation drum, agitator, gap adjustment device, machine base and other parts. After the starch raw material is fed into the feed port, it is crushed into filaments under the action of the spur roller and brought into the cone grinding seat. Pushed by the screw shaft, it is squeezed into the narrow gap formed by the inner shell of the cone mill. Under the rotation of the inner shell of the cone mill, the material is further squeezed, crushed, and ground, so that the starch is freed from the fiber. The ground material is squeezed into the separation cylinder and mixed with water under the action of the stirring shaft. The free starch is dissolved in the water, flows out through the separation screen and is collected for use. The remaining residue is pushed by the stirring shaft. Push out the separation cylinder.
Cassava flour processing machine
Cassava flour processing machine
First, the quality of cassava is the main factor affecting cassava flour. If we choose cassava when we choose some high-quality cassava, then our output will naturally be higher, so the quality of the powder will be higher, if we choose some bad cassava, then our The output will also decrease, and the quality of cassava starch will also decrease. This will reduce our benefits.
Secondly, the quality of the cassava flour processing machine also affects the quality of the cassava flour. If we are only looking for some small bargains, when we buy the cassava flour machine, we choose equipment that does not have good quality relative to the quality, then the quality of the cassava flour we produce Not so good, not only affects the reputation of our company, but also affects our own benefits.
Maintenance and maintenance of cassava processing machine
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