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raining manual on cassava processing machine

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Cassava processing machine
Mainly refers to the cassava starch processing machine, the cassava starch processing machine has a manual cassava starch processing machine stand-alone, there are large-scale cassava starch production line complete sets of machines.
Workshop-style cassava starch processing is dominated by hand, and the degree of mechanization has also been continuously improved in recent years. Sida starch equipment uses potato collectors, conveyors, drum cleaning machines, flying hammer crushers, and 120°C pressure curved sieve , Vertical centrifugal sieve, butterfly separator studied the continuous production process of cassava starch industry, through screening, centrifugation and other processes, the starch in cassava was separated from fiber, protein and other impurities to prepare kudzu flour. For more than tons, the recovery rate can reach more than 90%. See if the manufacturer's processing equipment is perfect, whether there are conditions such as warranty period.
First of all, the quality of cassava directly affects the quality of cassava starch. If the cassava we pick is all incomplete, incomplete, or bad, and some impurities will appear in it, then the quality of the cassava starch we produce is not good There is no doubt.
Secondly, the cassava starch processing equipment is also a factor that affects the processing of cassava starch. A good cassava starch processing equipment goes through a series of processes. If we choose only for cheapness, the relative quality is not so good equipment. In our In the later use, it also affects the quality of starch.
therefore. Choosing a good starch processing equipment is a must for cassava starch manufacturers. After more than 20 years of professional research, Kaifeng Sida Cassava Starch Equipment is in a position in the industry.

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