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Cassava starch and cassava flour extraction machines required by cassava starch processing plants an

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Cassava starch and cassava flour extraction machines required by cassava starch processing plants and cassava flour processing plants
Cassava starch and cassava starch are different products. In layman's terms, cassava starch refers to the extraction of starch in cassava, and cassava powder is tax-containing starch granules, fiber, protein, trace elements, etc.
Cassava starch
   Cassava starch is a powder obtained by dehydration and drying of cassava after starch extraction. There are two main types of cassava starch, raw starch and various modified starches, which are widely used in the food industry and non-food industry. Modified starch can be customized according to the specific requirements put forward by the user to be suitable for special purposes.
   No odor: Cassava starch has no peculiar smell and is suitable for products requiring fine odor adjustment, such as food and cosmetics.
Plain taste: Cassava starch has no taste and no aftertaste (such as corn), so it is more suitable for products that require refined seasoning than ordinary starch, such as pudding, cakes, and fillings.
Clear paste: The paste formed by tapioca starch cooking is clear and transparent, suitable for tinting with pigments. This feature is also important for tapioca starch sizing for high-end paper.
Tapioca flour
Cassava flour is a kind of starch made from cassava. After cooking, the cassava flour will become transparent and very flexible, suitable for pastries and desserts.
1. Cassava powder can be disinfected and detoxified, it has a very good therapeutic effect on sores, bruises, bruises and injuries, as well as brightening and nourishing the face, strengthening the brain and spleen, benefiting the liver and warming the lungs, beneficial to the cardiovascular, and intestinal Hewei, anti-cancer and anti-tumor, nourishing yin tonic, anti-aging and anti-radiation.
Cassava starch processing plants are mainly concentrated in Africa, especially Nigeria, Thailand in Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Brazil in South America
Cassava starch processing machine and cassava flour processing machine
The main machines of cassava starch are: cassava conveyor, cassava washing machine, cassava crusher, pulp residue separator, cyclone, dehydrator, dryer, packaging machine.
The main machines of cassava flour are: cassava conveyor, cassava cleaning machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava crusher, plate and frame filter, grinder, dryer, packaging machine, etc.

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